Healthy energy

Energy Efficiency & Sustainability

Schiedel faces the challenges of the present and proves that balancing economic success and ecological awareness can go in line. Not only low heating costs are an important issue, but also the environmentally friendly and energy efficient use of the house technic – or chimney systems moves more and more into the focus. The modern Schiedel chimney and ventilation systems are able to meet both requirements perfectly.

Energy Efficiency

Our goal is to improve the quality of life through continuous product developments and innovations. To achieve this goal, Schiedel works together closely with technical and environmental opinion leaders and is in contact with international experts, e.g. the established Danube University Krems, the German Fraunhofer Institute, the Vienna environmental consulting agency denkstatt or the Passive House Institute in Darmstadt. Equally important are the direct market feedbacks – from customers and consumers.


The Schiedel sustainability strategy

As a market leader, Schiedel is aware of the importance of sustainability and energy efficiency in order to develop sustainable products that improve energy efficiency and the health of consumers in all markets and regions.

Within the Schiedel sustainability strategy, the CO2 emissions,  of the two main chimney systems, SIH and ABSOLUT were evaluated, together with the companydenkstatt, an environmental consulting agency, during  various stages of the production process. Schiedel is aware of the CO2 emissions of its products and continuously works on the implementation of measurements to further reduce these CO2 emissions.

Energy Efficiency