With Schiedel safely into the future

Innovative – sustainable – safe – independent: Future safety must be given a firm foundation. Many examples illustrate our broad-based commitment to corporate social responsibility; we offer suitable products for secure, efficient, environmentally friendly, comfortable and reliable heating and venting supply. That enables us to contribute to the sustained success of our customers and their customers, suppliers, employess as well of the humankind and the environment in general. We have to allow ourselves to be measured against our high requirements which we make on our suppliers.


Excellence in Quality & Production

FOR DELIGHTED CUSTOMERS: As a leading manufacturer of prefabicated chimney systems in Europe with the widest choice of chimney and  flue gas systems, Schiedel can be distinguished by an outstanding product and service innovation – with systems and solutions that are reliable, innovative and cost-effective.

Schiedel stands for outstanding quality without compromising and reinforce its position as number one by doing so. The foundation is our deep-rooted, over the last decades accumulated technical inhouse know-how and over more than 90% inhouse production at our European facilities.

Our products conform to the most stringent standards of design, manufacture and performance required worldwide, and are CE certified in accordance with EN1856-1 and manufactured under BS EN 9001-2000 quality control systems.

To live up to our promise of quality Schiedel has  installed comprehensive quality measurement systems to continuously monitor and improve the quality of our products and services.

Health & Safety

Schiedel is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for its stakeholders and to conducting our worldwide businesses in a safe manner while constantly striving to improve our workplaces.

Health & Safety is fundamental in Schiedel’s everyday culture, whether working in the office, at the plant or at the customers’ site.

Schiedel integrates Health & Safety objectives into the management systems at all levels of the Group. All incidents and near misses are analyzed and improvement measures developed in order to avoid reoccurrence. Schiedel’s clear aim is zero accidents.

Lessons learned are identified, communicated and implemented across all locations.

Factory Excellence

In our Factory Excellence programme the main target is to improve the performance of our plants.

The programme runs on the basis of three pillars: Satisfy our customers – develop our people – reduce costs. During a research phase we evaluated thoroughly the current status quo of our plants with regard to operations, performance governance and people development.

Based on the results, Factory Excellence could be developed further and tailored right to the plants needs. Focus is the close involvement of all industrial employees.

With regard to operations, another important focus is on the reduction of waste and the saving of material and reduction of scrap. We are always striving to strenghten the awareness for all these environmental and cost-saving topics among our employees.