Safe with Schiedel

With Schiedel you can rely on the security of a well established brand. 70 years of experience and expertise enable Schiedel to create sophisticated and reliable product systems that are perfectly matched. Especially when the elements fire and air are involved, the safe interaction is of very high importance – the optimal interaction of all intelligent components.


Joint operation of ventilation systems and fireplaces

The integration process of the three product areas chimney – ventilation – stoves reflects  on the one hand the legislation, but also on the other hand the increasing demand of the market for more comfort and convenience. It is important, whoever is dealing with heating and stoves, to not neglect the topic of ventilation, especially in the new building segment.

Schiedel provides this ready-made solutions to reduce the complexity of modern house building for all those involved in construction. Each Schiedel system is tested by itself and can be integrated easily in the modern house building. The combined use of Schiedel products also increases the functionality and safety for the operator.