Stove systems – The power of fire

Humankind and fire – that is an ancient history full of myths and art. Hardly any element has such a strong impact on the lives of people like dealing with fire. A fireplace has always been the heart of every home: it’s the center of communication and relaxation. Schiedel sets already during development the highest priority on design AND functionality and provides attractive and compatible systems that represent the full range of chimney systems. For more information about our stove systems (benefits, specifications, system design, downloads, refernces) please visit the website of your respective country.

Stove Systems

Open and closed chimney systems are also available as well as stove/chimney combinations. The perfect combination of a chimney together with an  innovative heating- and stove systems with flue gas operation can create an outstanding heat output already in the smallest space – optional with heat recovery. All offered systems meet today’s demands for environmentally conscious heating.

Award-winning design


As the stove design is significantly important for the interior design of a home, Schiedel pays special attention to the design, which has now also been confirmed by independent juries: Schiedel’s most recent stove innovations KINGFIRE® LINEARE & RONDO won the Red Dot Design Award 2016 and also the PLUS X AWARD in four categories: innovation, high quality, design and functionality, and also BEST PRODUCT 2016/17 !
The innovative stove system is characterized by having a log wood fireplace insert which is already fixed and completely integrated into the chimney and therefore no additional floor space is needed in the living area.

Each KINGFIRE® LINEARE & RONDO ceramic element – front panel, spark protection plate, fire side bench, wood inlay niche and fire Irons can be ordered in trendy colours.

Set design accents with high-quality ceramic accessories!