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SMART HOME was yesterday – today comes the SMARTEN SYSTEM with the KINGFIRE SC models, which think further and can do more than conventional stoves. Get more out of your KINGFIRE and take advantage of the new smart firing with our new APP.

Whereas in the past you had to know when the optimum time to add wood was, today an APP visualises and regulates many things very easily and simply. This way, everyone becomes a stove expert and can enjoy a beautiful play of flames and comfort in their home.

An intelligent and automatic air supply with temperature measurement helps with optimal combustion and keeps a crackling fire going for a long time. When the time comes for more wood, you will be briefly informed via the APP.

Enjoy the traditional fire in a modern and efficient way:
Digitise your KINGFIRE SC

Keep an eye on your fire at all times and optimise your stove. With the help of a temperature sensor, an algorithm calculates the current status at any time and provides information:

resting phase

lower temperature
than optimal

resting phase

higher temperature
than optimal

Conveniently operable from any smartphone and tablet for a beautiful flame picture increase efficiency and proper combustion for your KINGFIRE SC. In addition, you save wood and money because you always add logs at the right time and do not overheat your rooms.


SC model

The new KINGFIRE SC sets new impulses and creates a better environmental efficiency than ever before. We have reduced the kW values to 6kW and thereby significantly increase the energy efficiency values. The decisive advantage for you is that you overheat your living space less and need less wood while reducing emissions. This also pleases the chimney sweep.

All SC models can be retrofitted with the combustion control at any time and are thus future-proof.

We thus meet the strictest regulations even for inner-city locations in many large cities.

Our innovative SC models are certified with the ECO Label with A+ – strong proof of our claim as a premium manufacturer for stoves and chimneys.

Healthy building and heating

Healthy living certified KINGFIRE models from Sentinel Haus Institut confirm that no harmful substances are released from the stove. Proven healthy living and award-winning design.

The “WOHNgesund” label stands for healthy building. The product has been tested for harmful substances and recommended as WOHNgesund. The stylised flame connects the product ranges and the WOHNgesund theme is visibly named for the operator. Schiedel products with the Wohngesund signet stand for healthy building recommended by the Sentinel Haus Institut.

The KINGFIRE SC systems were the first stove systems in the world to be tested and certified for harmful substances by the Sentinel Haus Institut. The shaft-integrated stove system meets the criteria of the Sentinel Haus Institut for healthy building.

For the love of wood and nature

Climate protection concerns us all. The intelligent and sustainable use of renewable raw materials such as wood as a renewable source of energy, in combination with energy-efficient heating systems, contributes to compliance with the climate protection targets and low emissions.

As a renewable resource, wood only releases as much carbon dioxide (CO2) when burned as it gives off during the natural decomposition process in the forest or as much as the tree has stored during its growth.
In short, wood does not release any additional CO2 when burned.

The impact of air pollution on our health and on our environment is enormous. Compared to other energy sources, firewood has a low emission factor with a very low primary energy factor of 0.2.

With the modern KINGFIRE SC models, you have a cost-effective and above all sustainable alternative as an energy source with wood and an optimised combustion technology.


Place saving (Platzsparend) und integrated into the chimney

Comparison and saving illustration of a Schiedel chimney plus stove..DOES THERE NEED TO BE COPY HERE?

Cosiness (Gemütlichkeit/Behaglichkeit)

With all senses you take in the ambiente of your Schiedel KINGFIRE – all emotions and senses hear the crackle wood, feel the warmth and breathe-in the scent; create imagery with snow outside and inside with a warm cup of tea or glass of wine, feeling the intense and atmosphere.

Increase the value of your home

Market research shown that houses with a premium stove are ranged higher than without a stove. A quality stove with a long life span and high energy efficiency serves as longlasting boost to the value of your house. It is prestigious and luxury.

Design Advantage

With several design awards the Schiedel KINGFIRE is recognized as one of the nicest stoves in the market.

The clear and strong design sets the standard in the stove market and serves as a benchmark for others. Schiedel offers you the individuality to select the insert/balcony design which fits perfectly to you and your new home.

One-Stop-Shopping beim Bauen

Avoid unnecessary interfaces between different construction companies and parties with Schiedel. The complete chimney system is designed, delivered and installed by your favorite company.

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