Quality Worldwide


70 years of expertise and leadership in innovation have enabled Schiedel to become a trusted brand with the highest quality standards, which is the European leader today.

Schiedel‘s guarantee of success is the uncompromising combination of technologies, materials and services in top quality.

One major part of Schiedel’s strategy are our technology centers, where our products are seriously tested, especially regarding legal requirements and official regulations.

This holistic approach secures our market position and offers our sales partners the optimal opportunity for their business success.

Facts and Figures

Schiedel is headquartered in Nußbach and has production sites and offices in 18 countries.
In 2015 approximately 1,200 employees generated revenues of 170 million euros. As Schiedel is part of Braas Monier Building Group, please visit www.braas-monier.com for further information.