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Schiedel is the market leader and biggest supplier of chimney systems worldwide.
All our products – no matter whether ceramic chimneys, steel chimneys, fireplaces or ventilation systems – provide safety, comfort and independence for our customers and enable energy-efficient construction and heating.

Schiedel is a subsidiary of the BRAAS MONIER BUILDING Group.

Schiedel: Heating. Venting. Living.

Towards an energy-efficient future

Energy-efficient heating harbors the highest savings potential in private households and hence contributes significantly towards the protection of natural resources and the environment. We regard this fact as a challenge and a key element of our sustainable corporate strategy.
The chimney, an essential component of heating systems, is as decisive for the successful application of energy-saving devices and the construction of modern, airtight building shells as are ventilation solutions geared towards users’ needs.

Extreme conditions, such as very low flue gas temperatures, moisture or biomass-based acids, call for state-of-the-art technologies to safeguard pleasant warmth and thorough air change. By offering optimum solutions and cutting-edge quality standards, Schiedel provides ideal preconditions for a reliably comfortable indoor climate – an atmosphere of supreme quality of life that ensures well-being and at the same time minimizes cost and resource consumption.

Responsibility and Sustainability

Schiedel is very much aware of its responsibility to ensure sustainability and energy efficiency. Chimney and ventilation systems by Schiedel enable highly efficient, state-of-the-art energy management in housing construction.

Energy efficiency is embraced and made reality by Schiedel – both in all of its production plants and by every single employee.

Starting in 2011, the first Schiedel plant in Sittensen (Germany) was transformed into a CO2-neutral production site. Other plants are following today.

In this way, Schiedel faces the challenges of our time and offers proof positive that balancing economic success and ecological awareness can be made tangible reality. This is also borne out by Schiedel’s participation project with FFG (Austrian Research Promotion Agency) and Future Building GesmbH (Danube University Krems): “Zero Emission Building CO2 – in keeping with the credo:

Schiedel: Heating. Venting. Living.