ICS System for Clyde Court

A chimney system for Clyde Court was an interesting project as the ICS flues were connected at an angle to a separate plant room. The result was a spectacular flueing system for a residential block in Leeds.

Prior to the installation commencing, Schiedel operatives attended a “Mast Climbing Training Course”.

The Clyde Court building had the flues rising at an angle on a bridge from the plant room (containing 3 Ideal Imax boilers and a Herz Biomass boiler) to the main building, where each of the 3 flue risers started with a 135° tee at the bottom, to allow drainage. The three flues then rose vertically approximately 30 metres to a tapered terminal approximately 3 metres above roof level.

The three flues were different diameters: 250mm I/D, 300mm I/D and 400mm I/D Flue System.

Schiedel Support plates were installed every 10 metres in order to support the weight of the flue. Support plates were also  installed to the external face of the building.

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