REDUCE GAS BILLS WITH Energy Efficient Stove and Chimney Systems.

Schiedel are proud to boast a comprehensive range of appliances and components engineered for energy efficiency.

Our chimney and flue systems have been used in countless homes and commercial premises throughout the world and our unique stove and chimney combined packages boast Defra exemption for use in smoke control areas, A+ ratings and clearSkies Level 5 badges, making these appliances and chimney systems the most efficient available.

Energy efficient stoves can reduce the need for central heating and drastically reduce the reliance on gas and electricity. Reduced gas bills are a great advantage when installing these systems.

The DEFRA exempt, A+ wood burning stove and steel chimney package

With the unstable price of gas and electricity, the recommendation is to break free from the energy grid, by installing a all-in-one system: a perfect combination of a DEFRA exempt stove in an easy to install package to add a stove and chimney to a newly built house or a bungalow, a self build project, or a luxury home at the drawing stage. Also ideal to add to an existing dwelling.

  • High energy efficiency: Class A+ environmentally friendly combustion
  • Air-cooled door handle and self-closing door.
  • Simple operation with one lever for both primary and secondary
    combustion air.
  • Adjustable legs for uneven floors.
  • Twin wall system, ideal for timber frame buildings such as log cabins.
  • Exceptional minimal distances to combustibles.


The DEFRA exempt, A+ wood burning stove and airtight steel chimney package

The Sirius 3 stove itself is of a contemporary style and can boast the highest possible rating you can get with a wood burning stove:

  • A+ rating, which means the efficiency is excellent. Highly efficient up to 84%! More heat, less wood.
  • clearSkies Level 5, which is the highest which can be achieved.
  • Defra exempt, which means it can be installed in smoke control areas and is listed on the Defra website.
  • Eco-design 2022, which is the standard required for all devices by 2022, is achieved and exceeded now.
  • Highest European and National Standards – EN 13 240, DIN+, 1.BImSchV2, DiBt, 15a B-VG, NS 3058/3059
  • Easy to operate with Self closing door and interlock system for igniting or cleaning purpose
  • Eco-friendly corpus paint resulting in environmentally friendly low smoke and low emission colour
  • Adjustable legs to adapt to uneven surfaces


The DEFRA exempt, A+ wood burning stove and volcanic pumice chimney package

  • Simple and timeless design
  • Block system can be supplied pre-built or as separate blocks.
  • Can be placed with 0 mm distance to combustible material on the back and 300 mm to the sides
  • Can be placed anywhere in the house as the air supply is integrated.
  • Can be integrated into a non-combustible wall, saving space
  • No high temperatures on surfaces of frame and surround
  • Convection insert, which distributes heat in rooms
  • Extremely energy efficient A+ rated
  • Environmentally friendly combustion – clearSkies Level 5
  • CE marked solution
  • DEFRA exempt appliance for use in Smoke Control Areas


Energy Efficient Stoves and Chimney Systems

Usage for heating

Stoves are always a focal point for any house and home and are instantly desirable. However, these are not for aesthetic purposes only. People who don’t have a wood burner, automatically assume the purpose if for aesthetics, however, in some cases firing up a stove tends to heat larger rooms far quicker than conventional radiators would.

Energy Efficient Stoves and Chimney Systems

Ecodesign stoves

Ecodesign is the European-wide programme to lower emissions from stoves. It comes into force in the UK in 2022. SIA Ecodesign Ready stoves have been sold for a number of years now and meet the Ecodesign requirements. The PM emissions limit for Ecodesign is 55% lower than for DEFRA exempt stoves.

Energy Efficient Stoves and Chimney Systems

Particle emissions reduced by up to 90%

Burning wood produces particulate matter (PM) but the amount produced depends on how the wood is burnt. Independent research conducted by Kiwa Gastec on behalf of the SIA has shown that SIA Ecodesign Ready stoves can reduce particulate emissions by 90% compared to an open fire and 80% compared to an old stove

Stoves Supported by Defra and the Mayor of London.

Stoves are good! And the guidelines prove this. Here’s some information from the Stove Industry Alliance and some common questions they field. Defra has included wood burning stoves in their Clean Air Strategy, and they are recommending installing SIA Ecodesign Ready stoves and using Ready to Burn wood fuel. The Mayor of London has also given […]


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