Simply select the buttons below to register, amend or claim under your guarantee.

Product Guarantee Registration


When you need to register your stove and chimney if your installer has asked you to or not registered it for you.

It’s very easy to register your chimney and stove installation.

Please note that you will be registering your Schiedel product (chimney or stove). If you have a non-Schiedel stove, then you will need to contact the manufacturer to register the stove, while the chimney system can be registered here.

How do I register my product for warranty?

Click here to visit the Warranty page and register an account as a “Homeowner”. You can then add in your installation and product details.

  • Installer name. Important to put in their correct email address.
  • Your address.
  • Product name – from a drop down list (example: ICID, Tecnoflex, etc.)
  • Product serial number – doesn’t apply if a chimney is installed and is only applicable for an appliance (example: Sirius stove, Sargas stove).
  • Date of purchase – when you purchased the system.
  • Date of installation – when the system was installed.
  • Your product is now registered 🙂


This is for installers who wish to register a stove and chimney installation for their customers.

Homeowners can register themselves or you can register on their behalf – either way; you get Love2Shop points !

You now have the ability to allow homeowners to register themselves or you can still register on their behalf as part of your service to them. Whenever a homeowner or yourselves register an installation you will still accrue points based on the number of installations and installation type.

How do I register a product for my customer?

Click here to visit the new Warranty page and register an account as a “Installer”. You can then add in your installation and product details by clicking Register a new product. Simply enter:

  • The homeowners details (address, etc.).
  • Product name – from a drop down list (example: ICID, Tecnoflex, etc.).
  • Product serial number or sales order number.
  • Internal diameter details.
  • Single or multi-storey details.
  • Supplier or stockist.
  • Date of purchase and date of installation.
  • Your product is now registered for your customer :).
  • Points are now redeemed quarterly and must be redeemed within the year of initial installation registration otherwise they will be removed. We will email you prior to any removal to allow you to redeem.



Why has the scheme changed?

We have hundreds of installers on our scheme, but we’ve also had numbers of homeowners contacting us as installers not on the scheme haven’t registered their installations.

Changing it so homeowners, as well as installers can register means every Schiedel installation is correctly registered and guaranteed.

I want to keep registering as I have done in the past

You can. Simply visit the page and register as an installer and continue as you have done in the past.

Why is there less information to add?

One of the complaints was the amount of info to add to each installation, so we’ve drastically reduced it to save you a huge amount of time

What if a homeowner doesn’t add my correct email so I miss out on points?

You can track your installations, so if one hasn’t been added then you can chase up, or even add the installation on their behalf.

Why can’t I redeem points using one website instead of two?

We are working on combining the new system to show you your points and allow you to redeem. This will be a later development.

When do I get my Love2Shop vouchers?

We will do this quarterly now and most of it will eventually be automatic, so you will receive the link to the vouchers each quarter without having to redeem.

Is the value of the installations still the same?

There are 3 points for each installation – this is an average based on all the installs we’ve had over the last few years.

“The rewards scheme is a great! Love spending my Love2Shop vouchers as a reward for registering the liners and twin wall.”


From Fire Designs

“The best flue liners and chimney systems on the market. We would use nothing else.”


From Norfolk Woodburners

“Love the scheme. Points make prizes and we’ve had well over £300 that we’ve used towards a holiday. Definitely worthwhile doing!”


From Siberian Stoves

“Great scheme products always made with quality in mind highly recommended from us as we insist on only fitting your products”


From Gerard Johnston

“Great quality products, go to manufacturer for our installations. Schiedel is our preferred chimney products manufacturer, great quality solutions, and having a reward scheme for registering our installations makes it even better.”


From CR Stoves