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Reliable, innovative and cost effective

Schiedel Metaloterm is the leading supplier of prefabricated chimney systems in Europe with the widest choice of flue and chimney products. Schiedel is at the forefront in the product and service innovation with system and solutions that are reliable, innovative and cost effective.

Both in private and public sector Schiedel Metaloterm has unrivalled experience that can be relied on for industrial chimney systems and chimney solution for domestic boilers. Schiedel Metaloterm offers a wide range of flue gas systems for large boilers (condensing/dry, positive pressure/negative pressure, cascade and CLV installations) in non-residential buildings. But also exhausts for steam boilers in production processes that are heat and pressure resistant.

Schiedel Metaloterm are specialists in offshore, marine and also for silencers with innovative systems which complement each other. Please visit the dedicated Metaloterm site for more details on the product range and services.

Commercial Applications


On enquiry, a member of our team, highly experienced in judging the technical requirements of your site deals with all your requirements and visits your site for a survey, if required.

System Design & Specifications

  • Flue Selection from our comprehensive product portfolio.
  • Utilizing the latest computer software our technical team is able to provide advice and full calculations on chimney sizing.
  • Using AutoCAD our team of highly experienced engineers can provide a full technical design and layout drawings.
  • We are able to provide advice on Flue & Chimney termination heights
  • All our recommendations meet the relevant European Standards for single and multiple appliances.


  • We are able to provide highly competitive quotations based upon our evaluation of your installation requirements.

After sales support

  • Our after sales support includes Feedback survey, ASM follow up, maintenance contract options, etc. Contact our team for further details at 0191 4161150

Additional support

  • We also provide a platform to highlight your site and feature a press release on it.


Chimney Systems
Commercial Flue Systems
Natural Draught: Positive Draught System
Natural Draught: Negative Draught System
CHP Systems
Fan assisted/positive pressure
Fan dilution
Modular header
Venting Systems
Process plant
Bakery ovens
Smoke extraction
Passive ventilation
Fire rated service duct, cable duct
Rubbish chutes


Support Systems
Building support internal and external
Mast supported – Free-standing single/multi-leg
Relining existing stack
Silencers / Noise reduction
Heat recovery
Exhaust Systems
Biomass Boilers
Atmospheric Boilers
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940003687 Schiedel Commercial Brochure

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More Case Studies

Click any of the below to see some of our recent projects. Also, you can visit the Schiedel Metaloterm website for Schiedel Metaloterm MF Case Studies.

White paper report analysing commercial chimney systems in data centre build projects

Why architects and contractors need to tackle the chimney blind spot in data centre construction. Request your free copy of the report here! Request your free copy here! What is a whitepaper report? A whitepaper report is an in-depth report covering a specific topic and the complications that surround it. Why have we commissioned this [...]


ePURO official presentation & FAQ's with David Wright We want to say a massive thank you to everyone that attended one of our events covering the brand new ePURO!  Held by our industry expert David Wright, the video below is the final official presentation covering: The reason for the introduction of the product  The technical [...]


Schiedel TEST LABORATORY - OFFICIAL ACCREDITATION Schiedel continues to follow its pioneering role in the chimney-, stove and ventilation business. Thus, an accredited and  impartial testing laboratory has now been established in-house. Munich (02/2022) - Technical know-how and a strong expertise within this area are important key pillars for Schiedel to strengthen its market leadership [...]

Cascade boiler installation with the Schiedel Metaloterm® MF system.

Cascade boiler installation with the Schiedel Metaloterm® MF system. The Metaloterm® MF system is a modular twin wall insulated flue/chimney system, made of stainless steel, with a sealing ring. Metaloterm® MF is a universal flue/chimney system which is suitable for both high and low temperatures, non-condensing and condensing applications with flue gasses in positive and negative [...]

Schiedel flue, chimneys and exhaust system installations from Falcon Flues.

Schiedel commercial flue projects from Falcon Flues. Based in Newbury, Falcon Flues have over 30 years of experience providing a comprehensive flue and chimney design, supply and installation service throughout the UK for the commercial and domestic sectors using our Schiedel Metaloterm range as well as ICS 5000 range. They provide a comprehensive chimney and [...]

Fire rating of the highest standard with ICS 25 and ICS 50.

Fire resistance tests of ICS chimneys In July 2020 we tested ICS 25 and ICS 50 systems according to the new EN 1366-13:2019 (Fire resistance tests for service installations – Chimneys) at Eurofins Expert Services in Espoo, Finland. We passed 120 minutes fire resistance with closed specimens (type A) in both horizontal and vertical installation. [...]

Metaloterm System in Bunhill 2 Energy Centre.

Metaloterm System in Bunhill 2 Energy Centre. Another innovative installation using Schiedel Metaloterm took place in London. Airtherm used Schiedel Metaloterm MF on a "Worlds First" project in London. Airtherm design, supply and install a wide range of efficient, high performance systems including flues & chimneys, natural ventilation & lighting, kitchen ventilation, air conditioning (comfort cooling), [...]

Coffee Time!

Prima Plus on Coffee Roaster. Prima Plus is our high quality 316L stainless steel single wall flue system with a wall thickness of 0.6mm. It is designed for use on gas and oil burning stoves and boilers with continuous operating temperatures up to 450°C and short firing up to 600°C….. ….and it works perfectly on a […]

HP5000 Flue at Mariner Leisure Centre

HP5000 Flue at Mariner Leisure Centre A project at the Mariner Leisure Centre, which is located not too far from the impressive Falkirk Wheel in Falkirk for our client, SSE, was to to supply, deliver and install a HP 5000 250mmID/350mmOD flue  (50 cav) off  a Capstone C65 CHP a gas turbine one. It then rose vertically before […]

Replacement Flue for Tannochside School

Replacement Flue for Tannochside School Another recent Non-residential project involved Tannochside School job was to strip out an existing flue and replace it with a Schiedel flue. The site was live, so it was done during the half-term holidays. The task involved a cherry picker to take out the existing riser, to be replaced by […]

Flues for a Manifold System.

Flues for a Manifold System. SGL in Muir of Ord, in Scotland, make fibres and materials for composites. They develop tailored and sustainable solutions for the mega trends mobility and energy, covering the entire value chain from raw material to finished component. The products are mainly used in the automotive, wind energy, and aerospace industries. Carbon […]

Biomass Installation at Hartpury College.

Biomass Installation at Hartpury College Biomass, being an organic material that comes from plants and animals, is an ideal source of energy as it’s renewable. Which is why the Sports Academy at Hartpury College was the ideal location to install a biomass system, as energy efficiency is of paramount importance in large, non-residential dwellings. Schiedel […]

Painted Flue and Chimney Components

Painted Flue and Chimney Components The Paint Plant, located in Schiedel Chimney Systems’ factory in Washington Tyne & Wear means that our components can be finished in any colour to match customer aesthetics. Whether it’s for a Residential chimney flue to match the aesthetics of a new stove and interior, or a major Commercial project, […]

Schiedel ICS Flue System at Boeing in Sheffield.

Schiedel ICS Flue System at Boeing in Sheffield. Another major name was added to the Schiedel List of Who's Who, when we completed a project for Boeing in Sheffield. Boeing's production facility in Sheffield, United Kingdom, was established in 2017, and manufactures high-tech components for Boeing’s Next-Generation 737, 737 MAX and 777 aircraft. These actuation [...]

Chimney Flue for Hayden’s Bakery

Chimney Flue for Hayden’s Bakery If you are on a diet, then it’s not recommended to visit Haydens Bakery, as you will see some of the most exquisite looking sweet delights you can imagine. So, our Schiedel Commercial team, who aren’t too concerned about their figures, were pleased to be working with BSS Southamption to […]

HP5000 Chimney system for Sberbank Data Centre in Russia

HP5000 Chimney system for Sberbank Data Centre in Russia Schiedel were involved with the New Skolkovo site in Russia, which is one of the biggest Data Centres in Europe. It was constructed for the main bank of Russia, Sberbank. This project was designed by Zaha Hadid. Many thanks to our colleagues in Schiedel Russia, who […]

A Pretty Big Pizza Oven!

A Pretty Big Pizza Oven! It's just not homes and commercial premises that our flues are used for, but also hotels, hospitality and catering. One such project was at Chewton Glen, where we installed a substantial Pizza Oven, using the HP 5000 system. Chewton Glen is a five star hotel and spa located on the edge [...]

Flue for a Distribution Centre in Amesbury

Flue for a Distribution Centre in Amesbury. Highly efficient ICS 5000 installation. Schiedel undertook the installation of a generator exhaust system with Dieselec Thistle for TJ Morris (who trade as Home Bargains), in Amesbury, just a stones throw from Stonehenge 😉 The ICS 5000 system was used and from the generator silencer flange, the Ø500mm flue [...]

Flue System at Newcastle Civic Centre

Flue System at Newcastle Civic Centre Schiedel installed a temporary flue system to keep the Civic Centre heated up during the Winter months, as part of an ongoing project. The existing, ageing brick flue was removed, while the Schiedel Chimney System was installed to replace it. The system installed was ICS, which is a twin wall […]

Oyster White Chimney for Thorp Academy in the North East

Oyster White Finish for Thorp Academy in the North East This project, involving both Prima Plus and ICS Plus, was for Thorpe Academy, a secondary school in Ryton, Tyne & Wear.  The school is actually named after Charles Thorp who was a rector of the parish of Ryton and, in subsequent years, became the Archdeacon of […]

Schiedel BIM Catalogue

Schiedel BIM Catalogue A range of Schiedel Products for Commercial and Residential are now available within our new 3D BIM (Building Information Modelling) Catalogue. Engineers, planners and architects now can have an significant influence on making Schiedel the choice of the chimney at the beginning of the planning process, with the comprehensive data available for […]

Replacement Flue Header Installed

Replacement Flue Header Installed …and additional Remeha Boiler installed. Arthur Dann Court, in Portsmouth, built in 1988, provides accommodation with support when needed. The residents are able to live as independently as possible in their own homes. With 49 flats, the building is home to a number of people and, as expected, regular social activities […]

Generator Flue Exhaust in The Netherlands

Generator Flue Exhaust in The Netherlands Working with Advanced Diesel Engineering and Nationwide Chimney Components, Schiedel’s HP5000 chimney system was installed in Roosendaal in the southern part of The Netherlands. The building was Colt Telecomms and it involved the installation of 8 exhaust systems using HP5000 chimney system. HP 5000 has an extensive range of […]

ICS5000 installed at RBS Leicester

ICS 5000 installed at RBS Leicester A recent project was completed with Dale Power Solutions, which also involved using a 38 metre length truck mounted MEWP to stretch to the work area. The installation was of an ICS 5000 flue ICS 5000 is a twin wall flue manufactured with a stainless steel liner and stainless steel […]