Our Management

Strong personalities – competent, visionary, committed

Business success needs personal committment and experienced people, who want to shape the future together while creating and preserving values. Schiedel promotes the power of the Group by a sovereign way of dealing with national entities.

At the international Level Schiedel is led by the Schiedel Executive Committee:


Dr. Frank Herrmann

President Schiedel

In 2008 Dr. Frank Herrmann started his career within the Braas Monier Group, where he was the leading project manager responsible for the restructuring process (Restructuring Officer). In this position he designed and implemented the operational restructuring of 17 business units in more than 30 countries.

In 2010 Dr. Herrmann started his work at Schiedel as the Director of the Business Line Steel and became member of the Schiedel Executive Committee. ln April 2012 he was appointed Chief Executive and Chief Operating Officer. From that time on he managed the business of Schiedel AG preliminary as CEO. ln August 2012 he was summoned Chairman of the Board and CEO of Schiedel AG Vienna and was called to be the eight member of the Monier Group Executive Committee in 2013.

Since 2012 he has held the position of President for Schiedel International and is leading the Schiedel Executive Committee.
Dr. Herrmann has a technical background. He received his diploma in industrial engineering and his doctorate from the universities in Darmstadt and Clausthal, Germany. He also has numerous years of experience as a management consultant at leading international consultancies.


Alessandro Cappellini

President Schiedel International

Alessandro Cappellini, MBA, started in January 2017 as President Schiedel International and he is also chairman of the Schiedel Executive Committee.

Born in Rome, A. Cappellini gained his profound industry knowledge and experience in various positions at Robert Bosch S.p.A. Italy, American Standard Italia S.r.l. as well as Ariston Thermogroup, Germany and finally in the roofing and chimney sector, where he began his career at Braas Monier Building Group more than ten years ago. Now, he wants to further expand Schiedel’s strong market position, exploiting new growth potential with his long-term vision.

In 2005, Alessandro Cappellini was already Marketing Director for Schiedel International, when he was appointed Managing Director for  Schiedel UK in 2007, becoming CEO of Schiedel UK & ROI in 2009. After this very successful career at Schiedel, he joined Bramac International within the Braas Monier Group, where he held the position of “Director for Integration”. He then moved on directly to Monier Braas, where he became CEO of Poland in 2014. From 2014 until 2016 A. Cappellini was Country Manager Monier Scandinavia (Managing Director for Sweden, Norway and Denmark).

In early 2016, he left the Braasmonier Building Group to continue his career as CEO of Southwest Europe at Fixit TM Holding in Germany. At the beginning of 2017, Alessandro Cappellini returned to his “home” Braasmonier Building Group and here again to Schiedel International.

Alessandro Cappellini received his education from the Luigi Bocconi University of Economics and Business Administration in Milan, where he earned a Master of Arts (M.A.) and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Durham University in the UK.


Johannes Kistler

CFO Schiedel International
Director of Finance & Human Resources

Johannes Kistler began his work in 1992 as a controller at Schiedel Germany in Munich.
From 1995 to 1997 he was Head of Controlling at Schiedel Germany and from 1998 to 2000 J. Kistler joined Braas in Oberursel as Head of Controlling & Corporate Development.

In 2001 J. Kistler became Director of Finance & Human Resources at Schiedel International and became member of the Executive Committee.

J. Kistler initiated and was responsible for a number of important projects such as: the successful integration of acquired companies into the Schiedel group, the creation of an international organizational structure, financial consolidation statements, introduction of new reporting systems, introduction of SAP, cost control and cost reduction through process improvement, implementation of savings within the supply chain, successful restructuring, implementation of operational and strategic planning, cash flow improvement through systematic asset management, regular reviews of organizational and human resources, implementation of talent management.

J. Kistler holds a degree in business administration – he studied business administration with a focus on accounting & controlling, materials management and logistics.


Livius Sopira

Regional Director East Europe

Livius Sopira started his career in Schiedel in 1999 as finance controller and later finance manager of Schiedel CZ and SK.

In 2004 L. Sopira launched business activities of Schiedel Russia as the country manager and later CEO and developed Schiedel Russia to its current size. Since mid-2012 L. Sopira became Regional Director Schiedel East Europe covering CZ, SK, HU, SLO, CRO, SER, BiH and Russia, with operational responsibility for CZ, SK and Russia and elected to be part of the Schiedel Executive Committee.

L. Sopira graduated from the Silesian University in Opava with degree in Business management and also passed management development in INSEAD – Paris.


Michael Ball

Regional Director North and Western Europe

Michael Ball is an established member of the Schiedel management team, starting his career with the company over 20 years ago with a Diploma from Newcastle University in Building Services Engineering. Owing to his education, skills and experience, M. Ball has sound sales and technical knowledge and a holistic view of business life.

M. Ball’s first managerial position was as Commercial Manager for  UK & ROI focussing on the non-residential part of the UK business, which lead to him becoming Sales Director of the UK and ROI.

In 2011 M. Ball was appointed CEO of the UK & ROI.

At the beginning of 2016 M. Ball was appointed Regional Director of North and Western Europe and was elected to be part of the Schiedel Executive Committee.

The operational management team in the UK & ROI are:


David Wright

Residential Sales & Marketing Manager

David Wright joined Schiedel in 2004 as part of the Management Team at Washington following Schiedel’s acquisition of Rite-Vent Ltd, where David was Export Director, having worked to develop the Export Markets since 1987. In 2006, David moved to an International role within Schiedel, as Product Manager for Business Line Steel, and managed the Group wide introduction of the Steel Academy to train Steel Sales Managers from across all Schiedel’s European Business Units.

In 2010 David returned to the UK, initially as Marketing Manager, then from 2014 as National Residential Sales and Marketing Manager.

David Wright holds a BA Honours degree in Modern Languages and Economics.


Barrie Wray

Plant Manager Washington / Industrial Manager UK & ROI

Barrie Wray worked in the Aerospace, Electronics and Automotive industries before commencing his career with Schiedel in 2007 as Plant Manager Washington.

B Wray was responsible for the restructuring of central production Washington to its current size with the integration of a substantial portfolio of products into CP Teplice.

The Washington plant was awarded ‘World Class’ status in 2013 and has since retained this standard for the last three years. Cost reduction through process improvement has always been a common ethos in the plant.

B Wray was given additional responsibilities for operations of the Schiedel Coalisland facility, and more recently for overseeing the operational side of the Commercial Contracts department (non-residential).

B Wray has a technical background, and has completed a post graduate diploma in business management at the University of Warwick.


Shaun Goodings

Finance Manager for UK, ROI and Belgium

Shaun Goodings joined Schiedel in 2013 as Finance Manager for UK & ROI. As a member of the Senior Management Team for these countries he has been involved with business growth, restructuring and cost controls, as well as procedural improvements and staff development.

In 2015 S. Goodings, also took on the management for the Purchasing and IT departments in the UK & ROI with the aim of developing an improved working procedures across departments under his control.

Early in 2016 S Goodings, also took on the Finance Manager role in Belgium, in conjunction with his current role. In this role he works closely with the Regional and Site Directors
S Goodings holds a BA hons degree in accountancy and is a holder of the CIMA professional qualification.


Ken McKenzie

Commercial Sales Manager

Ken started his career as a Project Manager at a building services contractor back in 1978 before moving on to a leading builder’s merchant as an Area Sales Manager spending a spell of ten years at both. These would prove to be the perfect grounding for joining the company in January 1997.

After joining as an Area Sales Manager covering both residential and non-residential for the Scottish region, his area was quickly extended to cover the North of England. The territories were then split so he could specialise and concentrate on non-residential.

Several years ago ,Ken took a dual roll taking up the role of National Commercial Sales Manager as well as covering his Scotland & North England area.


Simon Saunders

General Manager Poole& Technical Manager Isokern Mineral

Simon Saunders joined the company over 25 years ago within the Isokern Mineral side of the business. Over this time Simon has gained a wealth of knowledge on the Isokern products and chimney systems in general.

Subsequent to joining the company, he has attained a BTEC national certificate in construction, is certificated in CAD, and has built up an extensive library of CAD drawings to assist Architects and construction companies in their project designs.

Simon Saunders is general manager at the Poole site and works closely with the residential area sales managers.


Justin Garrod

IT Manager

Justin Garrod has many years’ experience in both IT and general business management. Justin has a proven track record of system implementation, with a strong history of system development in a Manufacturing Environment.

Justin has been involved in the business in many different roles starting in Marketing over 20 years ago.

Recently Justin has been involved in implementing Schiedel SAP into the UK.

Justin has a degree in Business Studies and Computing Science.


Laura Goodwin

Human Resources

Laura Goodwin started her career with the company 26 years ago as a trainee in the Finance department. Laura was keen to learn all aspects of the business and has held various roles throughout the years.

When Schiedel acquired Rite-Vent in 2004, Laura was a key member of the integration team.

Laura finally found her niche and took over responsibility for HR in the UK in 2007.

At the beginning of 2016, Laura was appointed to assist M Ball with his regional responsibilities.


Scott Roberts

Production Manager – Schiedel Washington

Scott Roberts started his career as a Production Manager with Schiedel in 2008. His was responsible for the restructuring of the manufacturing operations and lean functions.

Having been in the manufacturing business for 20 years in which 15 of those have been in a technical and management role he has gained vast experience in lean culture, project management, operations management and business management. He has also obtained numerous qualifications within the industry from lean courses through to business management qualifications.

During his time with Schiedel he has introduced key structures to the business such as flexibility within the workforce due to rigid training plans set around the business needs. The Visual Management systems have increased efficiency. Project Management activities have allowed considerable savings for every year since he has been employed by Schiedel.