Safeguarding distance to combustible materials

Schiedel Protect Box is the proven solution to safeguard distance to combustible materials in low energy and passive houses.

Engineered to meet the key challenges of modern houses…

  • Ever more air tight construction
  • Increasing depth of loft insulation
Protect Box


  • Designed to meet blower door test.
  • Constructed using a high temperature resistant Rockwool insulation with an aluminium laminate outer surface to give zero distance to combustibles.
  • An EPDM kit is available to allow for the chimney to pass through an air tight membrane at ceiling level in a cold roof construction or at roof level in a warm roof construction.
  • Standard height 700 mm to meet new roof insulation requirements.

Technische Daten

Gesamte Heizleistung: 7,6 kW
Abgastauscher Ein:
Wasserseitige Heizleistung: 4,4 kW
Luftseitige Heizleistung: 3,4 kW
Abgastauscher Aus:
Wasserseitige Heizleistung: 3,9 kW
Luftseitige Heizleistung: 3,7 kW
Wirkungsgrad >90 %
Holzscheitlänge: max. 25 cm
L x B: 550 x 550 mm
H: 2860 / 2960 mm
Gewicht: ca. 1000 kg


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