Schiedel Ceramic System Chimneys

The Schiedel Ceramic Range

Schiedel have invested in the latest production technology and are proud to introduce a new range of high performance rebated ceramic flue liners, which are fully CE tested and approved and are fully compatible with the increasingly efficient modern appliances, as well as meeting the more traditional soot fire requirements.

Schiedel has sourced the finest raw materials, blended in a unique formula to give a unique combination of temperature resistance and strength.

Ceramic System Chimneys


Resistant to temperature change

The liners are extremely durable and have been tested for resistance to soot fire as well as to condensate, and meet the latest CE standards and Construction Product Regulation (CPR).


Due to advanced manufacturing techniques, we have been able to reduce the wall thickness of the liner to produce the optimal lightweight but extremely robust product.

Cost effective and reduces gas heating bills

Ideal for homes where you require a cost effective, safe and easy to construct system. Usage of a log burning stove reduces the need to heat homes with radiators, therefore less reliance on increasing gas heating bills.

Service and pre-sales support

If you have any projects which require drawings or need an assessment of your existing project drawings, then get in touch with us. We can specify the list of components required and also advise on safety aspects, as well as the various different options you have – click here to contact us now.

Ceramic System Chimneys


Ceramic Flue liners and accessories

Ceramic System Chimneys


Adding decorative charm and appeal

Schiedel SIH Liners – Features

  • One of the safest and cost effective ways to add a flue to a home build project.
  • Suitable for all fuels – gas, oil, solid fuels and biomass fuels.
  • Wide range of accessories to suit numerous installations.
  • Suitable for high temperature and low temperature applications.
  • Full compliance to the latest CE standards and Construction Products Regulations (CPR).
  • Continuous straight flue liners ensure a consistency in backfill insulation.
  • Cleaning and Inspection liners as standard products.

Schiedel Chimney Pots – Features

  • Suitable for all fuels – gas, oil, solid fuels and biomass fuels.
  • Wide range of accessories to suit various applications.
  • Manufactured in accordance with BS EN 13502 : 2002.

Schiedel Swift Air – Features (for Ireland and Northern Ireland)

  • The combination of advanced chimney technology and modern efficient wood burning appliances can give you the best of both worlds – an energy efficient home and the enjoyment of a real fire.
  • The Swift Air System delivers combustion air directly to the appliance from outside the house, eliminating drafts in the living room thus further improving energy efficiency.
  • No warm air is taken from the room where the appliance is positioned.
  • Suitable for stoves, stove inserts, cookers and boilers.
  • Suitable for all fuels – gas, oil, solid fuels and biomass fuels.
  • Suitable for Timber Frame, Steel Frame and Masonry construction.
  • Air-independent chimneys reduce the wind effect on the air intake.
  • Provisions for additional air intake channels / ducting are no longer necessary.

Schiedel Swift – Features (for Ireland and Northern Ireland)

  • Designed for speed of construction
  • Suitable for Timber Frame, Steel Frame and Masonry construction. Solutions have been specifically designed to meet the requirement of timber framed construction.
  • Modular units for easy assembly on site.
  • Suitable for all fuels – gas, oil, solid fuels and biomass.
  • Schiedel Rapid HT Cement is provided in tubes for ease of application.
  • Superior Insulation – The consistency of the insulation maintains the temperature of the flue gases allowing them to pass freely up the chimney. Back filling of insulation is not required.
  • The use of a chimney tray is always recommended.
  • The high quality fireclay flue liner complies with the European Standard EN1457-1 & 2

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Download 3D drawings of some typical Ceramic installations

Ceramic System Chimneys


Modular 3 layer insulated chimney system

Ceramic System Chimneys


An alternative to underground ducting