70 years of innovation


Our openness to recognize and to accept new challenges as well as modern manufacturing methods are the basis of our corporate success. It has always been important to us to offer future-proof solutions, which are optimally adapted to the respective requirements.

Based on the ingenious idea of the founder Friedrich Schiedel in 1946  – chimneys were not produced only of bricks any longer, but made of lightweight concrete block stones – Schiedel invented many other industry revolutionary developments. Our corporate milestones include the round chimney in 1966, the  Schiedel Isolierschornstein in 1985,  the universal ABSOLUT chimney in 1999 and the ABSOLUT thermal air for the air-independent use of fireplaces.


Senator Friedrich Schiedel – imposing entrepreneur

Far-sighted in his thinking, clear in his mind, energetic in his actions

The company was founded in 1946 by Senator Friedrich Schiedel,  later a honorary Senator of the Technical University of Munich, in Erbach near Ulm.

“Literally with two borrowed shovels and a borrowed wheelbarrow” as he always liked to tell, F. Schiedel built up his first individual Enterprise called Erbacher Bauwaren.

Already in 1947 he specialized his concrete factory in Erbach to a chimney factory which production range was specialized in 1951 only to the production of double-walled chimneys. The company produced from now on under the name of “Schiedel” having 17 employees. In 1952 the production of blockstones in Munich was started. From 1961 to 1966 Senator Schiedel built several manufacturing and distribution facilities in central areas of Germany and  started with an own production site in Austria in 1966. In 1971 a central administration building was built in Munich.

In the years 1971-1990 he expanded all business operations and was the single shareholder of Friedrich Schiedel Holding GmbH in Munich and the Friedrich Schiedel Holding Ges.m.b.H in Austria.

In 1990 ,he transferred the Schiedel Group Germany and in 1991 the Schiedel Group Austria to the Braas GmbH.

Schiedel started early transferring scientific research results and technological innovations into commercial practice. Not only the power of innovation and the expansion of his company or the progress in production technologies were important to Senator Schiedel. As a socially responsible and farsighted entrepreneur he always took care of adequate social benefits for his employees and their families.

Due to that Schiedel evolved step by step from the dedicated pioneer to an international market and innovation leader for heating and ventilation systems. Since July 1990, the shares have been transferred into the hands of the BRAAS Monier Building Group.


Historical development

1946 Foundation Schiedel Germany by Senator Friedrich Schiedel
1967 Foundation Schiedel Austria
1990 Purchase of Schiedel by Braas / Redland (now BRAAS MONIER BUILDING GROUP)
1990-98 International Expansion Phase 1: East Europe (.Organic growth and acquisition of small local providers)
1999 Acquisition of Vibralit, Italy
2000-04 International expansion Phase 2: UK, Scandinavia, Ireland, Belgium, (acquisitions)
2005 Purchase of Ritevent Group
2006 Joint Venture with Earthcore Industries, USA Purchase of Roka CZ (steel chimney production in Teplice)
2011 Sale of the minority interest in Earth Core Industries, USA
2014 Listing of BRAAS MONIER BUILDING GROUP on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange