Commercial Application

Reliable, innovative and cost effective

Schiedel Metaloterm is the leading supplier of prefabricated chimney systems in Europe with the widest choice of flue and chimney products. Schiedel is at the forefront in the product and service innovation with system and solutions that are reliable, innovative and cost effective. Both in private and public sector Schiedel Metaloterm has unrivalled experience that can be relied on for industrial chimney systems and chimney solution for domestic boilers. Schiedel Metaloterm offers a wide range of flue gas systems for large boilers (condensing/dry, positive pressure/negative pressure, cascade and CLV installations) in non-residential buildings. But also exhausts for steam boilers in production processes that are heat and pressure resistant.

Schiedel Metaloterm are specialists in offshore, marine and also for silencers with innovative systems which complement each other.

Commercial Applications


Understanding your requirements
  • On enquiry, a member of our team, highly experienced in judging the technical requirements of your site deals with all your requirements and visits your site for a survey, if required.
System Design & Specifications
  • Flue Selection from our comprehensive product portfolio.
  • Utilizing the latest computer software our technical team is able to provide advice and full calculations on chimney sizing.
  • Using AutoCAD our team of highly experienced engineers can provide a full technical design and layout drawings.
  • We are able to provide advice on Flue & Chimney termination heights
  • All our recommendations meet the relevant European Standards for single and multiple appliances.
  • We are able to provide highly competitive quotations based upon our evaluation of your installation requirements.
After sales support
  • Our after sales support includes Feedback survey, ASM follow up, maintenance contract options, etc. Contact our team for further details at 0191 4161150
Additional support
  • We also provide a platform to highlight your site and feature a press release on it.


Chimney Systems Exhaust Systems Venting Systems Support Systems
Commercial Flue Systems Generators Process plant Building support internal and external
Condensing Biomas Bakery ovens Mast supported – Free-standing single/multi-leg
Natural Draught:
Positive Draught Systems
Negative Draught Systems
Smoke extraction Windshield
Fan assisted/positive pressure Passive ventilation Relining existing stack
Fan dilution Fire rated service duct, cable duct
Modular header Rubbish chutes
CLV Crematoria
940003687 Schiedel Metaloterm Commercial Brochure

940003687 Schiedel Metaloterm Commercial Brochure

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