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Schiedel is the leading supplier of prefabricated chimney systems in Europe, with the broadest choice of flue and chimney products.

Schiedel is at the forefront of product and service innovation with high-quality, innovative, cost-effective systems.

Commercial Applications


In both the private and public sectors, we have unrivalled experience. We can be relied on for a range of systems and services, including: 

  • Domestic and commercial boilers, including condensing/dry, positive pressure/negative pressure, cascade and CLV installations
  • Heat and pressure-resistant steam boilers for production processes
  • Marine and offshore 
  • Silencers

Following an enquiry, a highly experienced team member will judge your project’s technical requirements and conduct a site survey if needed. 

They will be your main point of contact from start to finish offering guidance and recommendations with support from our various Technical and Customer Service teams.


System Design & Specifications


  • Select your products from our comprehensive portfolio. 
  • Provided with technical drawings and calculations from our Technical teams using the latest computer software.
  • Advice and guidance on flue termination heights
  • All our recommendations meet the relevant European Standards for single and multiple appliances.



We can provide highly competitive and free quotations based on evaluating your installation requirements. Simply send in your drawings or request a meeting with one of our specialists.



Once your project is complete, you are not alone! Our specialists will follow up with you and share a survey, allowing you to provide feedback. We also have maintenance contracts available for further support.



If you want to share your project, our marketing team would love to hear from you! The team love a case study and can promote your business via our websites, PR and social media channels! You can reach them at

Schiedel BIM Catalogue

A range of Schiedel Products for Commercial and Residential are now available within our new 3D BIM (Building Information Modelling) Catalogue.

Engineers, planners and architects now can have an significant influence on making Schiedel the choice of the chimney at the beginning of the planning process, with the comprehensive data available for a range of components.

All BIM and AEC CAD formats, like Autodesk Revit, Nemetschek Allpan and Grafisoft Archicad for the respective CAD systems are available to engineers, planners and purchasers for free. You can add these formats under your own account section. Schiedel BIM is free to use and you just need to enter your email address to register and download your formats (for free!).


Chimney Systems
Commercial Flue Systems
Natural Draught: Positive Draught System
Natural Draught: Negative Draught System
CHP Systems
Fan assisted/positive pressure
Fan dilution
Modular header
Venting Systems
Process plant
Bakery ovens
Smoke extraction
Passive ventilation
Fire rated service duct, cable duct
Rubbish chutes


Support Systems
Building support internal and external
Mast supported – Free-standing single/multi-leg
Relining existing stack
Silencers / Noise reduction
Heat recovery
Exhaust Systems
Biomass Boilers
Atmospheric Boilers
940003687 Schiedel Commercial Brochure

940003687 Schiedel Commercial Brochure

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Useful installation animations

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