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At Schiedel, service is more than just a friendly voice on the phone or a nice “add-on” to the product being sold. Rather, our understanding of service is firmly linked to strong demand for excellence in all areas. Service is an integral part of the overall Schiedel package, we offer to our partners, customers, suppliers, homeowners and employees. We aim to continue to build and maintain these relationships.


Constantly making everything better

For us, service is the epitome of our company’s value. We strive to keep improving in all arenas of service by taking initiatives to improve experiences while using our products and also interacting with us. That is why we continuously ask ourselves: Where does our partner or customer need more support? How does he get the information he needs best and quickly? Which new training courses should we introduce to help advance knowledge for our installers? How do we ascertain our service levels are met and our customers are happy? How do we make the assembly and use of our products easier to understand? How can our processes be optimized? And above all: How can we improve communication so that our customers receive quick answers and an exchange of knowledge that is interesting for both parties takes place?

The answer to many questions – Our service pillars

So many questions and highly sensitive topics relating to service require a structured approach. That is why we have developed a service concept that is supported by four pillars: support, training, logistics and technology.


The first of our service pillars looks at supporting our target groups in day to day operations.

Both professionals and end customers will find an array of tools at their disposal for the practical application of our products. They also have access to valuable background knowledge that makes it easier to choose the right system or product.


The second pillar focuses on imparting know-how that enables our partners and customers to expand their knowledge.

We conduct different types of training and cater to the needs of our customers. The professional empowerment of our stakeholders support in introducing our innovative technologies which can be applied.


We call the third service pillar “Logistics”. This area includes – in the classic sense – our efforts to increase on-time delivery. As part of our service concept, we take the processes behind the term logistics a little broader.

We support our customers with delivery on site, special requests, etc. We understand this to mean the coordination of customer contacts.


The most massive change in the service landscape is the increasing digitalization of service. Technology is the fourth pillar of our service concept. At Schiedel we continuously look at improving the overall customer experience. This has led us to introduce some unique tools for our customers such the range of Augmented Reality apps we offer to our customers for free, as well as the BIM library for architects


Service Support  : Our goal is to provide support to our customers and partners. We provide different services under this category. Many can be availed both online and offline. 

We have a comprehensive set of FAQs covering product info, delivery, support and more.

An easy to use system allows you to bulk upload registrations and generate installation certificates.

…tied in with the warranty registration, you can earn up to £8 per installation when you register.

Some superb examples of the diverse range of work we’ve done for clients and news about products, customers and more.

An easy way of contacting us. You can get in touch via a form or direct email and telephone.

Sign up and receive regular updates.

We have a network of knowledgeable sales and support personnel throughout the UK and Ireland.

All our brochures are available as PDF downloads. We recommend downloads to reduce printing as part of our Going Green campaign.

CAD files and 3D drawings are available for architects and developers.

  • Dealer Locator

Our Product Information Finder has comprehensive product info and also a dealer locator for specific products.

  • Free quote

We can offer a free quote service for larger jobs.

  • Supporting merchandise

Plenty of goodies for our dealer network 🙂

  • Social media support

We’re active on all social media channels. If you have anything to promote, or work with Schiedel, then don’t hesitate to add @schiedeluk to be re-shared.

  • Technical helpline

Our brilliant technical support team are on hand to answer any questions.

  • Parts take off

…they can offer a parts take off based on your drawings and designs.


Training : We understand that it is important to support our customers & partners with required information about our products as well as help in updating their skills in installing our products. This is why we provide different types of training which are conducted in various ways- both online & offline. 

  • Hetas training

Our technical knowledge of chimneys and flues is already widely respected and now we have teamed up with Hetas to provide a comprehensive range of Hetas approved training courses at our newly created training centre in Washington, Tyne & Wear. The HETAS designed course will all be led by HETAS approved Trainers.

Click here for more information

  • CPD training

Schiedel Chimney Systems now offer a comprehensive CPD on Chimney Systems to discuss the various aspects of chimney design and installation process. This can be presented remotely using Google Hangouts, Zoom, or any other conferencing system suitable for the recipients. The interactive discussion and presentations includes: Appliances, fuels and product types, Building regulations, CE marking, Safety considerations such as Distance to Combustibles, Different types of installations and how to overcome problems, Installation of mineral and steel systems.

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Logistics : We can always talk about our product quality but it is equally important that we are able to meet your requirements with respect to packaging and delivery. In this section you can read more about our practices.

  • Direct site delivery

We offer regular transports to our distribution network, ensuring that stock is always available, especially in the post-Brexit and current Covid crisis timeline. We can ensure that our shipments are always on time, due to extensive pre-planning.

Our stoves and pumice systems can be delivered directly on site, as well as the Garden Fireplace.

For commercial applications, we can ensure that delivery is always in sync with your project milestones.


Technology: It goes without saying that there is a recent boom in different technologies to help make the overall customer experience much better. At Schiedel we are continuously trying to bring something new & unique which can optimise our customer experience.

  • BIM

A range of Schiedel Products for Commercial and Residential are now available within our new 3D BIM (Building Information Modelling) Catalogue.


Engineers, planners and architects now can have a significant influence on making Schiedel the choice of the chimney at the beginning of the planning process, with the comprehensive data available for a range of components.

All BIM and AEC CAD formats, like Autodesk Revit, Nemetschek Allpan and Grafisoft Archicad for the respective CAD systems are available to engineers, planners and purchasers for free.

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  • Schiedel Chimney Flue Installation Guides app

A useful app with guides on installation as well as step-by-step video guides.

This app was designed for installers to have all the information they require in a few quick clicks. This makes it easier for installers rather than having to carry paperwork during the installation process with video breakdowns of each stage of the installation process.

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  • Chimney Builder For Stoves app

See how a stove will look in your home and calculate the chimney components required.

This App allows the user to see what a wood burning stove looks like in a room, as well as calculating the components required. Stoves can easily be installed into existing homes, be it a newly built house on an estate or an existing, older house or even a self-build project.

Click here for more information.

  • Outdoor Fireplace Designer app

See how the Garden Fireplace looks like in your garden before you buy!

Simply point and see – it’s as simple as that with our new AR Outdoor Fireplace Designer. You can see what our best-selling Garden Fireplace looks like in your outdoor area to allow you to use your imagination when designing your garden.

Click here for more information.

See what Schiedel can do for you

We are continuously developing our service concept and service delivery for our customers and partners. There are many projects we are currently working on and will soon be introduced. Keep following this page for more updates. 

You can also visit our social media channels to see more about our services and how we support our different stakeholders.

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