Chimney Systems CPD

Schiedel Chimney Systems now offer a comprehensive CPD on Chimney Systems to discuss the various aspects of chimney design and installation process.

This can be presented in person or remotely using Google Hangouts, Zoom, or any other conferencing system suitable for the recipients. The interactive discussion and presentations includes:

  • Appliances, fuels and product types
  • Building regulations
  • CE marking
  • Safety considerations such as Distance to Combustibles
  • Different types of installations and how to overcome problems
  • Installation of mineral and steel systems

The CPD also contained a number of video guides from our YouTube TV Channel which were shown and a USB stick was also provided which included a very handy guide in the form of a flowchart, which easily directed the user to the relevant areas on the stick where they could access drawings and easily download installation brochures relevant to them.

A recent CPD was completed for Milton Architects. Mike and Amanda founded Milton Architects in 2005 after working together in London for larger, commercial practices. Their ambition was to create a small, design-focused architectural practice in Marlborough, that would offer their clients contemporary design services supported by well organised, professional expertise.

“Schiedel Chimney Systems agreed to write and present a CPD covering the topics we requested. The seminar was extremely helpful and covered the technical knowledge that we needed. The presenters John and David were happy to take time during and after the presentation to answer questions and talk through some of the technical queries that we had on projects. A memory stick with information was also posted to us which has been really useful. We would highly recommend this seminar to Architects.”

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