Wood Burning Stove Package – Sirius – Air Tight and DEFRA Exempt

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Schiedel offers a unique all-in-one system: a perfect union of wood burning stove & chimney, which is an ideal package when if you are a self-builder or renovating your home. Adding heat sources which are a permanent feature means that you need the best quality. So many times, a superb quality stove is installed but the remaining parts are usually cheap and liable to failure.

Therefore, Schiedel Chimney Systems Ltd., Europe’s leading manufacturer of stove and flue solutions has come up with a combined package of stove and chimney which has the best of both. Both made by and guaranteed by Schiedel.

The Sirius Stove Package perfectly combines the Schiedel technologically high-end Permeter Chimney System, allowing for an air-tight installation with the concentric flue system and the energy-efficient, stylish, space saving wood stoves.

Our innovative and advanced clean burning technology provides an eco-friendly and pleasant warmth. Wood stoves achieve up to 82 % energy-efficiency – delivering more heat with less wood and are far more likely to heat larger rooms more efficiently than traditional radiators.

The DEFRA exempt, A+ wood burning stove

The Stove itself is of a contemporary style and can boast the highest possible rating you can get with a wood burning stove:

  • A+ rating, which means the efficiency is excellent. Highly efficient up to 82%! More heat, less wood.
  • clearSkies Level 5, which is the highest which can be achieved.
  • Defra exempt, which means it can be installed in smoke control areas and is listed on the Defra website.
  • Eco-design 2022, which is the standard required for all devices by 2022, is achieved and exceeded now.
  • Highest European and National Standards – EN 13 240, DIN+, 1.BImSchV2, DiBt, 15a B-VG, NS 3058/3059
  • Easy to operate with Self closing door and interlock system for igniting or cleaning purpose
  • 3 Windows for 180° view in the 3.1 model
  • Eco-friendly corpus paint resulting in environmentally friendly low smoke and low emission colour
  • Adjustable legs to adapt to uneven surfaces

For the Celsius Pumice Insert Package we offer, please visit this page


  • Combustion air independent from installation room, provided through Permeter Smooth Air Chimney from top, allows flexible placement. The system is air tight due to the concentric flue system.
  • Due to system solution, no separate air channel adaptor/ bypass necessary.


  • Ceiling Box and Protect Box options for complete safety in timber framed buildings.
  • Exceptional small distances to combustibles

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Wood burning stove package

Wood burning stove package

Installing the Sirius Stove System in a two storey house.

Installing the Sirius Stove System in a log cabin / bungalow.

clearSkies Level 5 for Sirius and Celsius

clearSkies certified appliances meet the minimum performance level for Ecodesign (which is the minimum legal requirement for an appliance manufactured in the UK from 1st January 2022). These new Ecodesign Regulations represent a significant tightening of criteria over the current CE requirements and specify the minimum energy efficiency of the appliance and the maximum levels of emissions permitted which are:

  • CO – Carbon Dioxide
  • PM – Particulate Matter
  • OGC – Organic Gaseous Compounds
  • NOx – Nitrogen Oxide

Both Sirius and Celsius achieve clearSkies Level 5, which is a 30% improvement on Ecodesign stove models and all Schiedel models are DEFRA Approved for use in Smoke Control Areas.

What is “DEFRA Exempt” or “DEFRA Approved” ?

DEFRA (Department of Environment, Farming and Rural Affairs) have strict guidelines on emissions. If a stove or appliance passes these emission level restrictions, then they appear on the official website as “appliances that meet specific criteria”, which both our Sirius and Celsius wood burning stoves pass with flying colours. This ensures that the customer has a highly efficient stove system within their home. Both Sirius 1, Sirius 3 and Celsius are officially listed on the DEFRA website.

Sirius 1

Log burning stove with a large front window. The touching point to open the door is marked with powder coated circle, preventing scratches in the varnish.



Sirius 3

This contemporary model has a large front window and door and additional side windows for an impressive 180° degree view.



  1. Only one lever for regulating primary and secondary air.
  2. Elegant powder coated combustion-door handle.
  3. Comfortable woodbox compartment with front door .
  4. The touching point to open the door is marked with powder coated circle, preventing scratches in the varnish.
Wood Burning Stove package – Sirius

The chimney from first floor level up can be supported by using a ceiling box fixed between the ceiling joists.

Wood Burning Stove package – Sirius

The Sirius Stove Package can use traditional firestop plates when passing through combustible floors and ceilings.

Wood Burning Stove package – Sirius

The Protect Box is a safe solution for timber frame buildings when passing through the ceiling into the loft.

Sirius Stove £2099.00 £2749.00
Permeter Package £1,192.17 £1952.17
Delivery POA
Total Pricing £4051.17 £4701.17


Sirius Stove £2099.00 £2749.00
Permeter Package £1143.73 £1143.73
Delivery POA
Total Pricing £2242.73 £3892.73
Sirius Stove and Chimney System Package

Sirius Stove and Chimney System Package

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Sirius Stove Operating Manual

Sirius Stove Operating Manual

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