BMI have you covered, Schiedel have your back.

Schiedel UK and BMI are delighted to have joined forces to bring you expertise in the world of data centres.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of data centers, the need for robust, reliable, and efficient infrastructure is paramount. Recognizing this, Schiedel UK, a leader in commercial chimney systems, and BMI Icopal, an expert in roofing solutions, have joined forces to provide comprehensive solutions tailored to data center projects.

The acceleration of digitalisation in recent years has led to an explosion in the number of data centres worldwide, making them one of the primary drivers of the transformation towards a digital economy. This strategic partnership aims to simplify the decision-making process for contractors and stakeholders, ensuring that both roofing and backup power needs are seamlessly addressed.

Schiedel UK: Experts in Commercial Chimneys

Schiedel UK brings decades of experience in designing and installing commercial chimney systems. Their portfolio includes high-value projects for leading tech companies like Amazon, demonstrating their capability to deliver on large-scale data center requirements. Schiedels products are designed to meet stringent EU standards, ensuring safety, reliability, and efficiency.

Key Advantages of Schiedels Systems:

  • High Standards Compliance: Products are tested and approved to meet EN 1856-1 & 2 for T600 H1 applications and are fire-rated to EN 1366-13 EI120 and BS 476 Part 20.
  • Ease of Installation: Schiedels systems are designed to be simple and fast to install, offering up to 75% time savings compared to traditional systems. The plug-and-play nature reduces the need for welding and hand sealing on site, minimizing installation risks and costs
  • Global Reach and Expertise: With a network of installers across Europe, Asia, and Australasia, Schiedel can deliver consistent quality and service worldwide. Their engineering center provides design, calculations, and installation drawings, eliminating financial risks related to late deliveries and penalties.

BMI Icopal: Leaders in Roofing Solutions

BMI Icopal is renowned for its durable and high-performance roofing systems. Their expertise is particularly valuable for data centers, which require roofs that can withstand harsh conditions and ensure long-term reliability. At BMI Icopal, they have been supporting the nation with the specification, manufacture, and supply of industry-leading flat roof waterproofing systems and building protection for over a century.

Core Strengths of BMI Icopal’s Roofing Solutions:

  • Comprehensive Systems:BMI offers a full range of roofing solutions, including TPO/DensDeck/Insulation and Bitumen/Insulation systems, tailored to meet the specific needs of data centers​.
  • Technical Excellence:Their systems are designed to meet complex technical requirements such as fire performance, thermal performance, and air tightness, which are critical for data centers to reduce condensation risks and ensure energy efficiency.
  • Certifications and Durability:BMI’s products come with certifications like FM Approval and long-term guarantees, ensuring that data centers are protected against the elements and operational risks.

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