10 reasons why you need a Real Fire

Real fires have advantages in many ways. Technology has always pushed central heating and electric heating, especially post-war, but instead of having to rely on gas and electric, you have have another option. The reasons to have a real fire can be quite compelling.

We’ve listed ten good reasons below:


Heat your houseHeat your house

With modern chimney systems, flues running from the main fire can easily be channelled to different parts of your home, to take advantage of the heat generated by a single fire source.



As a solid fuel, wood is carbon neutral as sources are re-planted. It gives off the same CO2 emissions that were stored in the wood as it grew. Ensuring a low moisture content in dry wood means it burns fast and is very hot, as well as reducing pollution


Amazing to look atAmazing to look at

No one can argue that real fires look amazing. They are not just functional, but stunning to look at and give off a warm glowing and cosy feeling.


Reduce gas and electric costsReduce your gas and electric usage

The ever increasing gas and electricity costs never seem to be going down. By having a source of heating and energy independent from the grid, means you have your own flexibility on heating costs.



A superb renewable fuel source for real fires. Grants are also available for installing biomass as a heat source. The biomass pellets are heavily compressed and low in moisture. Therefore they burn with a very high efficiency.


Cheap running costsFlexible running costs

Aforementioned gas and electric goes up all the time, but with so many different solid fuel options, you are in control of heating your home, using a wide variety of fuels.


Real fires reduce condensationReal fires reduce condensation

Sealed houses have much more of a condensation problem. Ventilated houses with chimneys are less prone to this.


Heating, Venting and LivingHeating, Venting and Living

As mentioned, real fires mean homes are much better ventilated, mainly down to the chimney, which removes polluted air, draws in fresh air and circulates far better. A much more healthier environment.


Cost effectiveCost effective

Installing a chimney isn’t as expensive as you’d expect. For homes with existing chimneys, it’s simply a case of re-lining it.



Having a real fire will definitely add value to your home, as it’s a desirable feature in modern homes, which lack them.