Combined Screwfit pot hanger and terminal for flexible liners

This updated design of the Pot hanger in the key Ø125 and Ø155 diameters brings additional strength with mesh included as standard; one piece looped straps fasted with bolts to the terminal cap and spot welded to the mesh, and Schiedel’s tested and approved screwfit design ensuring that this pot hanger and terminal can bear the weight of up to 15m of TecnoFlex Plus liner.

The product is supplied complete with a screw band and jubilee clip fastening to allow for fixing to the existing chimney pot  #MakingLifeSimple

Features Benefits
Screwfix design with inner liner. Designed to fit the pitch of TecnoFlex Plus products. Tested & approved to take load of up to 15m of TecnoFlex Protects flex & ensures rainwater remains inside the liner.
One piece spinning for the base plate and upstand. Deflects rain Prevents water ingress to outside of flex.
Bolt fixing on top cap. Gives added strength & wind resistance.
316L stainless steel including mesh. High Corrosion-resistance.
Lightweight and robust. Simple and fast to install, and load bearing.
Nom Ø (mm) 125 155
Ø A 298 298
Ø B 221 221
C 151 151
D 34 29
SAP Code steel 175441 175443
SAP Code terracotta 175444 175446

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