Flue System at Newcastle Civic Centre

Schiedel installed a temporary flue system to keep the Civic Centre heated up during the Winter months, as part of an ongoing project.

The existing, ageing brick flue was removed, while the Schiedel Chimney System was installed to replace it.

The system installed was ICS, which is a twin wall flue manufactured with a stainless steel liner and stainless steel case. It is insulated with a 25mm thick high-density (128kg/m³) superwool blanket.

ICS features include:

  • Continuous Firing Temp:- 450° C Short Firing Temp:- 550° C
  • Pressure Capabilities:- 40Pa Fire Rating:- 4hrs to BS476 Part 20
  • Thermal Shock:- 1000°C Ave. Thermal Resistance (200°C):- 0.508m² K/w

Schiedel arranged the delivery, offloading and erection of the boiler flue system. There were 3 x Babcock Wanson boilers at different kW power output ranges. The Ø250mm flues connected from the flange adaptor, to turn through 90°and rise vertically to enter 87° bends. The flues then travelled at an angle of 3° to connect into swept tees in the main existing header.

All systems were supported horizontally by means of ceiling hangers and vertically by means of adjustable wall brackets.

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