Get “Fired Up” with Schiedel Swift!

Schiedel are all ‘fired up’ after renewing the certification for all the clay ceramic chimney systems in the Swift range, including the energy saving Swift Air model.

Click here to learn more about Schiedel’s Ceramic range. For telephone enquiries about this product, please call our Northern Ireland and ROI office on +44 28 87 740436.

Ecological building is only successful if architecture and building physics are already coordinated in the planning phase. The chimney, as an integral part of a heating system, is considered to be an essential element of energy-saving building technology. As the undisputed number one in chimney systems, we offer unique, highly energy-efficient clay chimney products made of ceramic, passively honed for new construction.

A perfectly matched system is the best solution for every building. Swift chimney systems can be installed to facilitate both single and back-to-back homes. The energy-efficient Schiedel Air System is considered to be the standard chimney in modern building. It meets all energetic demands of a modern chimney system and helps to save energy costs.

The renewal of:

  1. EN:13063:1 Dry Systems
  2. EN:13063:2 Wet systems
  3. EN:13063:3 Room Sealed appliances

…ensures Schiedel stay ahead of competitors in providing solutions for all types of chimney applications.