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Schiedel Chimney Systems offer a design and specification service. If you require any drawings or parts lists for any projects your customers are requesting then we can provide that service free of charge. Please contact us and send in project details – we have a team waiting to assist. Contact us on 0191 4161150 or email for more details.

This allied with our Lifetime Guarantees on Flex and ICID, as well as the volcanic insulation properties of our Isokern range and safety aspects of Ceramic systems, means that Schiedel, producing flue and chimney solutions for 75 years and counting, will be your best choice to offer to customers.

Isokern pumice range

Our Schiedel Isokern range offers the best possible insulation and zero distance to combustibles.

  • Lightweight materials, easy to use, handle and cut
  • Highly insulating pumice for better draw and minimum heat loss
  • 600mm and 1000mm lengths mean fewer joints and fast to install
  • 15 flue sizes available
  • Good resistance to temperature variations gives the maximum performance for your appliance
  • CE certified to EN1857 with the designation T450, N2, D, 3, G.
  • Three angles of bends available for maximum versatility.

Schiedel Ceramic range

Our Schiedel Ceramic range can offer the best quality at the best price.

  • Resistant to temperature change – The liners are extremely durable and have been tested for resistance to soot fire as well as to condensate, and meet the latest CE standards and Construction Product Regulation (CPR).
  • Lightweight – Due to advanced manufacturing techniques, we have been able to reduce the wall thickness of the liner to produce the optimal lightweight but extremely robust product.
  • Ranges comply with the European Standard EN 1457-1 & 2

Schiedel Steel range

The Schiedel Steel range includes our popular ICID and TecnoFlex range, both offering Lifetime Guarantees, as well as our single wall, Prima Plus and Prima Smooth range.

  • Widest range of flues for use with residential boilers, stoves, cookers and open fires.
  • The range covers single wall, twin wall, flexible liners and flue boxes
  • Diameters from 80mm to 300mm (and beyond for commercial projects)
  • There are options for oil, gas, wood and solid fuel.

Volcanic Pumice Garden Fireplace

Unlike other outdoor fireplaces, this one is made from Volcanic Pumice, sourced from the Hekla Volcano in Iceland.  The natural pumice gives this outdoor fireplace all the insulation needed to have a safe and spectacular focal point of any garden. The relatively small footprint also means that this can be placed against any wall in even the tiniest of gardens or yards.

  • The kit includes the chimney blocks, the lip glue for assembly, firebrick and also firebrick mortar and a render to either seal the joints or give an entire rendered finish.
  • Garden 500 model comes with a log retainer and barbecue grill (additional Log Store available as extra) which allows the Garden Fireplace to double up as a stunning BBQ.
  • There is also an additional log store available for the 500 model which can be placed either side of the fireplace.
  • The larger models, 950, 1200 models come with a capping but a rain cap is an optional extra on all models.


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Make Schiedel your only choice when installing flue systems

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