Going Green

We invest in a consolidated sustainability-related initiative in all countries, our plants and offices. We want to ensure that we protect the world and its resources for future generations. For us, sustainability is an opportunity to develop more environmentally friendly products, to invest heavily in renewable energies and to significantly reduce our carbon emissions.

Schiedel Going Green

Environmental vision

Schiedel Going Green

We want to be the most sustainable chimney systems producer! We aim to continuously improve our environmental footprint by working on the efficient utilisation of resources, products, facilities and processes. We optimise our plants and machinery from conception and procurement to operations.

Ceramic chimney systems

When producing and commissioning our ceramic chimney systems, we attach great importance to sustainability and efficiency. The environmentally friendly ceramic material, which is produced with reduced environmental impact, ensures that we deliver an ecologically sustainable product. Our ceramic products also offer advantages such as:

  • High-performance ceramic flue liners & concrete insulation blocks
  • Compatible with air-independent heating – separate air intake pipe
  • Prefabricated units for faster construction
  • Thermo-shaft: Perfect for air-independent heating
Schiedel Going Green
Schiedel Going Green

Steel chimney systems

Our stainless steel systems provide enormous advantages due to the material. This is not only hygienic or sustainable; it is also neutral with regard to recycling. Our stainless steel products also offer advantages such as:

  • Single wall, flexible stainless systems
  • Twin wall insulated flue systems
  • Low external case temperature
  • High & Low pressure ducting for industrial applications

Stove systems

Our stove systems are state of the art. No matter whether our SIRIUS product line or our CELSIUS design furnace system is integrated in a shaft – we always pay attention to CO2-neutral combustion. In addition, our stove systems provide other advantages such as:

  • Fireplace integrated into flue system for efficient use of floor space
  • Highest functionality: operating with controlled living space ventilation
  • CO2 neutral combustion: The Sirius and Celsius is exclusively with logs or wood briquettes that have CO2 neutral combustion
Schiedel Going Green
Schiedel Going Green

Ventilation systems

Efficient heating is useless without optimal indoor air. With our ventilation systems we offer the ideal comfort for a healthy living climate. Our ventilation systems can not only be fully integrated into the house, they also offer advantages such as:

  • Energy efficient ventilation system with heat recovery (CombiAir)
  • Integrated into housing structure
  • Energy saving for heating

Strategic goals by 2030

Schiedel has always tried very hard to improve its ecological footprint with various activities. Since 2019 we have now set a new, consolidated standard with our company-wide “Going Green” initiative, which is unique in the industry.

But even before 2019, we undertook various activities in all areas that should protect and protect our environment. In the “Industry” area, for example, we have drastically reduced the proportion of cement with a new material solution and optimized it in such a way that we were able to save 3600 tons of cement and also reduce our CO2 emissions. In our factories, we have been able to drastically save the energy required by switching to LED lighting. There are further examples in the area of ​​“purchasing and logistics” where we have invested heavily in building insulation and new, energy-efficient machines.

Our new, strategic goals are a lot more ambitious:

of energy consumption compared to year 2019

(calculation by total energy consumption figure)

The proportion of renewable energies to conventional energy sources is to be increased


of CO2 emissions compared to year 2019

(depends all areas of the value creation chain incl. supplier & materials, raw materials …)

waste compared to year 2019

(Zero one way plastic; No landfilled waste; Inbound, process, outbound)

We follow the 4R principles

REDUCE: We use fewer resources and reduce the amount of waste we reduce.

REUSE: Before we recycle or dispose of anything, we find ways to use materials again.

RECYCLE: To prevent wasting potentially useful materials we always try to process the transforming of waste materials into new products.

REFUSE: We do not accept to use harmful materials.