The Path to Becoming a Registered HETAS Chimney Installer

Becoming a HETAS Registered Chimney Installer means that your customers are aware that you have the necessary qualifications in order to install, service and maintain an important part of their home, which needs to be 100% safe.

The path to becoming fully registered and approved is quite straightforward.

H003 is the main course covers all the requirements for installing and servicing a dry solid fuel appliance, including lining existing chimney with, for example, a Tecnoflex liner and installing an external chimney. It also allows you to become a HETAS Registered Chimney sweep.

However, in order to take part in the H003 course, you have to have a number of standard qualifications which are common in the construction industry, or you can have evidence based information on the appliances you have installed over a number of years.

The course is targeted at installation engineers who have the relevant work experience. You would already be working in the solid fuel industry or have relevant work experience in the construction/heating industry. You would need evidence based work experience on dry stove installations, and at least one of the following:

  • Evidence of Oftec 101 or 102.
  • Evidence of Gas Safe Registration – CCN1 & CEN1
  • Registered member of GMCS, APICS or NACS
  • Demonstrable, appropriate previous work experience on chimneys and or solid fuel appliances including a portfolio of evidence of work on stove installations with references from Building
  • Inspectors, employers or customers.

From H003 you have an access path to other courses such as the H004, which allows you install a stove system for hot water systems, or the H008, which allows you to install automated pellet systems.

H005DE course allows you to install a Biomass System. This is a direct entry course which means you don’t necessarily have to take part in the H003 course, but it does have a list of requirements (click here).

The H006 course is the primary course which allows you to build a system chimney. To be on this course, you would need to have taken part in the H003 course or the H005DE course, with all the relevant requirements.

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