Heating up that constantly Cold Room

A Wood Burning Stove is the Solution

Heating up that Constantly Cold Room As the temperatures drops rapidly, heating your home is more important than ever. However, with modern central heating systems, there is always that extra [...]

Safe Stove Installation

Proceeding without proper knowledge is dangerous and poses serious or even fatal risks.

Safe Stove installation Wood heating has experienced a huge upsurge in popularity over the past decade. As there is no legal requirement to hold a specific qualification, effectively anyone can [...]

Health & Safety Award Presentation

3000 days - no lost time accidents.

Health & Safety Award Presentation We were delighted to have reached a significant Health & Safety milestone in the Schiedel Washington plant, recently, of 3,000 days with no lost time [...]

New Products Introduced

ICID Plus, Flex and Prima Smooth Components.

New Products Introduced We have introduced a new range of installer friendly products. The new products include terminals and a closure plate adaptor. Please feel free to download the data [...]