Heating up that Constantly Cold Room

As the temperatures drops rapidly, heating your home is more important than ever. However, with modern central heating systems, there is always that extra problem of certain rooms always remaining cold.

Getting a plumber in to diagnose problems tends to be one solution. Draught exclusion and insulation is always recommended. But for various reasons, you will never get a radiator that gives off the heat a real fire, either open or a stove, will give you.

An interesting case study from Norfolk Woodburners, experts in installing Schiedel Flexible Liners and Twin Wall Systems, saw them installing a wood burning stove in a customer’s lounge area. The customer historically struggled with achieving a higher temperature in that particular room, despite their best efforts. But this was solved immediately once they fired up their new stove, which was installed using a TecnoFlex liner in an existing chimney.

“We are absolutely thrilled with the wood burner and it has done a fantastic job of heating the lounge. For a room that has always struggled to get above 17 degrees before, to see 25.5 degrees on the thermostat was an absolute delight.”

So, if you have a large room, or a room, despite all attempts to increase temperature safely, which never reaches the temperature you need; a stove with a Schiedel Chimney System is an obvious solution. With Lifetime Guarantees on Flex and ICID, you can be sure that with a professional installation from HETAS Registered experts like those at Norfolk Woodburners, you’ll have an efficient system which allows you to be flexible in controlling your heating costs.

Installation is more straightforward than you think. Schiedel have many examples on social media from their installers where a stove was installed in a house with no natural chimney, as well as a superb animation showing the step-by-step guide. We also have animations for homes which have liberated their long boarded up fireplaces using flexible liners.

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