Schiedel going green.

We care about our planet and we believe that we can help the environment by being responsible for the way we produce our products, the waste created and through the way we consume energy.

We have some challenging targets we would like to achieve within the next ten years and we are doing this in partnership with our people, our customers and suppliers. Already we have changed the way we think and operate so that we are less wasteful in the things we do. To help us achieve these targets we have asked for proposals and suggestions on ways we can reduce our waste and become a greener business, throughout the full chain.

REDUCE: We use fewer resources and reduce the amount of waste we reduce.

REUSE: Before we recycle or dispose of anything, we find ways to use materials again.

RECYCLE: To prevent wasting potentially useful materials we always try to process the transforming of waste materials into new products.

REFUSE: We do not accept to use harmful materials.

of energy consumption compared to year 2019

(calculation by total energy consumption figure)

The proportion of renewable energies to conventional energy sources is to be increased


of CO2 emissions compared to year 2019

(depends all areas of the value creation chain incl. supplier & materials, raw materials …)

waste compared to year 2019

(Zero one way plastic; No landfilled waste; Inbound, process, outbound)

Take a look at some of the articles, below, on how we are reducing our footprint and get in touch with us today

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A statement from our Sales Director, Phil Lowe  ''Following an article published in The Guardian by George Monbiot ''My burning shame: I fitted my house with three wood-burning stoves'' I would like to officially offer my support and backing to the Stove Industry Alliance. The sector continuously improves and innovates to develop products that offer our [...]

Schiedel Going Green – ISO 14001 Certification

The ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Certification After months of intensive preparation with the following plants and sites, we are proud to announce that the TÜV (the German technical inspection authority) external environmental audits are now complete. Schiedel UK's Washington branch and other Schiedel locations have successfully passed the ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Certification! The following [...]

Introducing the Schiedel Go Green Committee

We are delighted to introduce our brand new Schiedel "Go Green Committee". As a business, Schiedel cares about the environment and continuously looks for ways to reduce our carbon footprint. We know that the times and our planet are changing, and we need to adapt to ensure that we plan for a greener, more sustainable [...]

25 new trees planted for the switch to Maintel!

Schiedel Going Green We want to thank our partner Maintel for the delivery of our new cloud-based phone system, RingCentral.  As part of this change, Maintel includes that for every 500 cloud seats connected, they will plant 25 trees.  At Schiedel, we care deeply about the environment. As one of our company pillars, sustainability is [...]

Domestic indoor wood burning emissions significantly lower than previously thought

Domestic indoor wood burning emissions significantly lower than previously thought The UK government latest data shows that the overall percentage of PM2.5 attributable to the domestic indoor burning of wood fuel has been more than halved to 17% thanks to updated and more accurate wood fuel usage data for the domestic combustion sector. Commenting on [...]

The Hekla Volcano

The image shows details of Abraham Ortelius' 1585 map of Iceland showing Hekla in eruption. The translation is "The Hekla, perpetually condemned to storms and snow, vomits stones under terrible noise". The Hekla Volcano The source of the natural pumice insulating material, used in all of our Isokern range, from pumice liners and blocks, to [...]

Robotic Facilities

Paint Plant

Automated Tubing Diameter Change

Schiedel is a part of Standard Industries, a privately-held global industrial company operating in over 80 countries. The Standard ecosystem spans a broad array of holdings, technologies and investments—including both public and private companies from early to late-stage—as well as world-class building materials assets and next-generation solar solutions. Throughout its 140-year history, Standard has leveraged its deep industry expertise and vision to create outsize value across its businesses, which today include operating companies GAF, BMI, Siplast, GAF Energy, Schiedel and SGI, as well as related businesses 40 North, a multi-billion-dollar investment platform, 40 North Ventures and Winter Properties.

Schiedel has always tried very hard to improve its ecological footprint with various activities. Since 2019 we have now set a new, consolidated standard with our company-wide “Going Green” initiative, which is unique in the industry.

But even before 2019, we undertook various activities in all areas that should protect and protect our environment. In the “Industry” area, for example, we have drastically reduced the proportion of cement with a new material solution and optimized it in such a way that we were able to save 3600 tons of cement and also reduce our CO2 emissions. In our factories, we have been able to drastically save the energy required by switching to LED lighting. There are further examples in the area of ​​“purchasing and logistics” where we have invested heavily in building insulation and new, energy-efficient machines.

Our new, strategic goals are a lot more ambitious: