Stove Scrappage Scheme launched by Norfolk Woodburners.

With all the publicity surrounding the new regulations about wood burning, now is the time to take a look at your old stove, as it could be un-economical.

Contrary to the scary headlines, log burning is NOT being banned, but the focus is on more efficient stoves and also low moisture content wood being used. Any wood burning stoves older than 10 years, tend to be less efficient than the Ecodesign stoves launched a few years ago. These Ecodesign variants are always being modified to improve efficieny. That matched with wood with a low moisture content, means that it’s an efficient way to heat your home, particularly rooms which struggle to heat due to size, inefficient radiators and central heating.

Norfolk Woodburners, who only use Schiedel liners and accessories from Specflue, have launched a very useful Scrappage Scheme for older stoves.

They now offer up to £250 OFF a brand new wood burning stove when you trade in your old woodburner or open fire grate.

It’s an excellent offer, which allows you to switch from having no warranty on your old inefficient, polluting woodburner or fireplace, to enjoying a brand new super-efficient, more environmentally friendly woodburner – with up to 10 years warranty included. You use less fuel and you save more money!

That combined with a Lifetime Guarantee with a Schiedel Flex Liner or ICID Plus System, from Specflue means that our Schiedel systems will always have your appliance covered.

Find out more and click here to visit Norfolk Woodburners’ website.