The Importance of a Guarantee with your Chimney System

Guarantee matters

We were interested to read a recent survey undertaken by the electric water heating specialists, Redring, which discovered that 86% of installers asked stated that the terms of a guarantee influenced their purchasing choice. 84% believed that the longer the guarantee; the better the product – a belief that was backed up by end users, who also equated a decent guarantee with product quality.

With long, even life-time warranties on several of our ranges, we were heartened by this. By offering a decent guarantee a manufacturer is asserting the confidence it has in it products, giving peace of mind to installers and their customers.

However, it must be pointed out that to qualify for the Lifetime Guarantee, the chimney must be swept by a qualified person (we recommend HETAS Approved) and the correct fuels must always be used.

Schiedel’s life-time Guarantees

At Schiedel, we pride ourselves on developing the very best in innovative, long-lasting flueing and chimney solutions. We’re so sure of our products performance that, for our ICID Plus and TecnoFlex flue ranges, we offer lifetime warranties – as long as they’re specified, installed and maintained correctly.

ICID Plus – built to last

The ICID Plus 3-in-1 flue system is ideal for traditional stoves as well as more innovative appliances. Pellet stoves, biomass stoves and boilers, mini/micro CHP and even condensing boilers capable of withstanding positive pressure are all compatible with the flue.

The system’s outer case is load-bearing whilst the inner liner is free to expand independently, which allows thermal expansion within each and every joint. It’s also designed to be particularly resistant to corrosion with a laser welded 316L stainless steel inner liner and case.  This gives ICID Plus a longer lifespan compared to other flues on the market – and installers and customers’ peace-of-mind.

As the product is available in a variety of sizes and finishes its a very attractive option for a variety of installations. To download the product brochure, click here

TecnoFlex – ultimate flexibility

If a flexible flue is what you need, our twin skin TecnoFlex Plus range is equally impressive. Designed to line an existing flue or chimney, it is suitable for gas, oil and multi-fuel appliances wherever the maximum flue gas temperature doesn’t exceed 600°C.  For more technical information and details of this product’s comprehensive life-time guarantee please click here.