Sustainable solutions.
All life long.

When we think about ideas that are fit for the future, two important things come to mind: humans and the environment. One thing can be said for certain: an active change is already taking place around us. Especially when it comes to endangering our environment.

Sustainable solutions. All life long.

Never before has the global rejection of environmentally harmful product manufacturing, materials and work processes been higher. Moreover, at no time has it ever been more important for us to offer customers long-term solutions based on sustainability, rather than just limiting themselves to token gestures. Today, more than ever, the core elements of good relationships between customers and us are aligned values and beliefs. Above all companies must be able to prove that they work sustainably in order to meet the expectations of their customers. Current debate shows that consumers are no longer concerned with short- term solutions or quick results; it is much more about long-term outcomes and a sustainable approach. Customers want to be able to engage and identify with a brand, and proactively change the world together.

The biggest challenge for the future will therefore be to establish an honest basis of trust in order to fully satisfy customers’ expectations when it comes to responsible production and sustainable commitments. After all, we are facing a target group who is interested in continuous improvement and conscious use of our resources. This means that brands need to take responsibility for ensuring that only materials that are recyclable are used along the entire value-creation chain. This redefines outdated recycling strategies.

We are working on the future. And we know: the future is green.

Wood is good

The intelligent and sustainable use of raw materials, in particular a renewable and natural material such as wood as a regenerative energy source holds many advantages. Heating with wood is good for the climate and thus has a lasting positive effect on our environment. Modern, energy-efficient fireplaces by Schiedel enable solutions with very low emissions and high degrees of efficiency.


When heating with wood, many people’s needs are met by the use of a natural, renewable resource that is available both regionally and low in cost. Due to the high degree of efficiency of modern fireplaces energy expenses can be significantly reduced. Thanks to its versatility, wood is crucial as an energy source to achieve sustainable climate and environmental- friendly goals.

Sustainable partnership

Sustainability is more than ever about partnership. Consumers and businesses want to contribute to a better future. Their shared values form a partnership of sustainability, on equal terms – therfore the achievement of this partnership must be a serious corporate goal.

How Schiedel preserves the future.

  • We always act responsibly, both socially and ecologically.
  • We offer low emission and high efficiency solutions.
  • We value partnership on equal terms.
  • We always strive to exceed the expectations of our customers.

Alternative materials

Finally, brands must engage more and more with alternative materials. The customers of the future do not just expect that; rather, they demand of companies that they address all possibilities in order to develop products sustainably. The knowledge of sustainable materials and the usage of proven renewable raw materials, such as wood, is a decisive advantage for companies in the fight for the customers of tomorrow.


At Schiedel, we care deeply about the environment; we focus our R&D on enviromentally friendly and energy-efficient, low-energy solutions, like new filters, hybrid vents and thermo block stones. With KINGFIRE, we already provide an energy- efficient, low-energy and low emission solution suitable for low energy houses. We actively collaborate with organizations that promote effective combustion and low emissions. Furthermore, we constantly seek our customers’ feedback through surveys to improve ourselves and our products.