Chimney Fire Safety Week

Chimney Fire Safety Week is a yearly awareness event to ensure that chimneys are maintained and swept on a regular basis and the correct fuel is always used.

Incorrect use of a stove or any appliance connected to a flue, will result in degradation of the appliance and the flue, as well as invalidating any warranty. However, more importantly, it could cause a fire.

A few simple guidelines to ensure your chimney is safe.

  • Always used the correct fuel with a low moisture content – click here to read an article with more details on what sort of fuel to look for.
  • Keep any fuel away from a hot appliance.
  • Make sure external grills are not blocked.
  • Check that there are no blockages at the top of the chimney.
  • Never leave an open fire unattended without a spark guard.
  • Always use a secure fireguard if children are in the house.
  • Get your stove serviced by a HETAS Registered chimney sweep* every year.
  • Ensure your smoke alarm is working.
  • Fit a carbon monoxide alarm.

Follow these simple steps will mean that the fire is very unlikely and that your appliances and chimney will have a long working life.

*If you use a non-registered engineer, your warranty may become invalid.