Comprehensive Stove and Chimney Installation Course

Schiedel have introduced a new course, which is designed for transferable skills and will allow you to become competent to install a stove as well as a full chimney system.

If you are a builder or a plumber or similar tradesman, then you will have the basic skills already. No experience is necessary although it is recommended that you have transferable practical skills when undertaking this combined course.

The HETAS Introduction to Solid Fuel +Plus course is an opportunity to utilise and apply existing practical skills and learn how to undertake Solid Fuel or Wood burning Stove installation. A combination of training, practical activities and assessment concluding in a portfolio of evidence identifying the experience required to register with HETAS.

The course lasts five days and covers four individual Hetas Modules. The course takes place at the HETAS Centre in Washington, Tyne & Wear.

H001/Access to Solid fuel which is  an introduction to the various products available on the market. You will be given an understanding of:

  • Scientific principles
  • Health and safety at work
  • Applying safe working practices
  • Roles, responsibilities and procedures
  • Legislation
  • Types of solid fuel appliances
  • Environmental protection measures
  • Installation of dry stoves, fire backs and lining of chimneys

H002 where the learner will cover the following:

  • Fuel types, Storage & Selection.
  • Principles of Combustion.
  • Causes of Incomplete Combustion & Carbon Monoxide Poisoning.
  • Appliance types, Operating Principles & Selection.
  • Legislation, Regulations & Industry guidance.
  • Flue system & Ventilation requirements for solid fuel appliances.

H003DS features information on all the relevant Building Regulations as well as the British and European standards currently used in the solid fuel industry. There will be both theory and practical training on:

  • Flue & Chimney Inspection, testing and fault diagnosis.
  • Dry solid fuel appliance; Sizing, Selection, Installation, Commissioning & Decommissioning.
  • Dry solid fuel appliance service & maintenance.

H006 will discuss system components and good installation practice in relation to the various elements of a residential structure.

  • The Installation & Testing of prefabricated metal twin wall rigid chimney systems.

The course cost is £995 and includes snacks and refreshments.

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