KJG Interiors reveals outdoor kitchen using Schiedel Isokern Garden Fireplace!

Last week KJG Interiors launched the brand new outdoor kitchen on Instagram!

Kirsty is an interior, styling and design blogger famous for her love of Scandinavian and Nordic designs with a contemporary and modern feel. An Instagram influencer based in York, we were delighted when Kirsty expressed an interest in our Garden Fireplace. 

Made from volcanic pumice sourced from the Hekla Volcano in Iceland, Kirsty was particularly interested in the amazing insulation properties of these fires, as well as their modern and minimalist design.

Kirsty opted for our 500 model Outdoor Garden Fireplace with additional log storage units to create this fabulous outdoor space. 

This is the first time our Garden Fireplace has been featured as part of a larger outdoor kitchen. The design opens up the imagination of what can be achieved with these magnificent fires! 

You can build onto the existing fireplace and chimney, add stencil, change the colour, add cladding, add lights and much more! 

Our fireplaces come in three models, guaranteed to suit gardens of any size!

Follow Kirsty for some fantastic design ideas @KJGInteriors, and you can see her entire portfolio on the website! 


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