Schiedel UK partner with NBS Source

Find products on our NBS Source page!


We are pleased to confirm that Schiedel UK have partnered with NBS! 

This means that you can now find our products on our NBS Source page!

NBS Source is a free-to-use construction product platform that allows you to quickly and easily find, select and specify our products.

Boasting enhanced product data in NBS standardised specification format and a range of content, from case studies to third party certificates; NBS Source gives you the detailed information you need to make informed product decisions.

With our high-quality and first class product portfolio, we wanted to find a way to raise our business profile amongst built environment professionals.

We chose NBS Source as a way to target specifiers looking for best-in-class product and specification data when working on construction projects.

Product ranges you can specify using NBS!


940003679 UK Ceramic Liners Brochure

940003679 UK Ceramic Liners Brochure

3.29 MB
940002642 Isokern Pumice Brochure

940002642 Isokern Pumice Brochure

8.12 MB
940003687 Schiedel Commercial Brochure

940003687 Schiedel Commercial Brochure

2.11 MB

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