Emotion through design.
Feeling products.

Utility first and above all. A set in stone design doctrine everyone followed for decades. Traditional approaches to product usability tend to underestimate the importance of customer emotions in design. On top of products being valuable and useable, we also need to build products and experiences that are enjoyable – focusing on how the thing we have created makes people feel.

Product & Design – Emotion through design. Feeling products.

We are headed towards the so called ‘meaning economy’. In terms of product design, this raises the questions: what kind of feeling does the design of a product trigger in a person? What kind of meaning does it give their everyday life? Brands are encouraged to explore the world of consumer emotions and to generate meaningful, positive and emotionally charged experiences out of it. For a brand that is utterly convinced, that the emotional appeal of a cosy fire in one’s own home makes people happy, this means: How exactly does a fireplace have to look, in order to make people happy? Our products have to provide answers to these questions. Today and in the future.

Design of the future creates emotions. We ignite the emotions our customers desire.

Design drives wellbeing

We know that product design, in particular, plays a key role in people’s wellbeing. ‘Form follows function’ can thus become ‘Form encourages emotions’, or ‘Function creates experiences’. It is becoming increasingly important for design to be aligned with the emotions you seek to generate. This is a global challenge for product designers and brands. In the years to come product designers will be increasingly asked to design for emotion, experience and context – a demand that originates from the world of marketing and branding, and is now preparing to play a crucial role in the design of the product itself.

Emotions, however, are complex, and vary in strength. That is to say, which emotions are the strongest? Which ones will influence buying decisions in the future? One of the most important emotions is the need for inner peace. Consumers are increasingly anxious to avoid stress and to stay calm. This leads to an ever-increasing need to create comfort zones – above all, at home. Tranquility and inner peace are emotional states that are increasingly sought after. In order to achieve those feelings the product design and product safety should evoke cosiness and wellbeing. Combined with our belief that a cozy fire at home makes people happier, this shapes the future of our products.

Feeling safe

As Europe’s market leader for safe chimney and flue ducting systems, we provide reliable and long lasting products. A cozy fire and fresh air create higher living comfort, quality of life and bring safety and independence to our customer’s homes. Each Schiedel system is tested by itself and can be integrated easily in the modern house building. The combined use of Schiedel products also increases the functionality and safety, so that our customers can simply relax and enjoy the comfort of their homes.

How Schiedel designs the future.

  • Our products create positive emotions for consumers and contribute to comfort and wellbeing.
  • We learn from and grow with our customers, and so do our products.
  • Our customers can always trust in the high safety level of our products, from chimneys to stoves to ventilation systems.

Listen, innovate and grow

At Schiedel we learn from and grow with our customers. We design and constantly adjust solutions that are based on customer needs, creating product features that exceed existing norms. To improve our skills and products, we run Innovation Workshops & Design Studies on a regular basis.

Our pursuit of excellence in design is confirmed by several Red Dot, Plus X and Italian design awards. However, our main focus is not solely the aesthetic purpose, but also providing real benefits to our customers by saving space in their homes, and through flawless, ergonomic handling. We develop and launch tools for online inspiration to find the best suitable solution for our customers’ new living space in order to make sure our products’ best possible fit.