The Argentine BBQ is now available for the 950 and 1200 Outdoor Garden Fireplaces!

We are delighted to introduce our new Argentine BBQ grill for our Outdoor Garden Fireplace range! 

We want to start by thanking our customers for their feedback on our existing grills and their input in helping us improve our range. 

The new grills are entirely different to our current models and can be placed into our 950 and 1200 fireplace models (as pictured). You can then adjust the grill height allowing different intensities depending on what you are cooking. 


  • 60cm x 37cm grilling area
  • Large space for grilling food 
  • Wrought iron stand with split levels 
  • Wooden handles 
  • Durable and height adjustable to optimise the cooking
  • Strength and versatility for different food sizes
  • Lower surface temperatures and better aesthetics

These new grills are available as optional accessories with our sets. They are also available to existing 950 and 1200 customers who want to purchase them to add to their current garden fires. 

You can purchase these brand new grills at the Schiedel Shop!

940003464 Garden Fireplace brochure

940003464 Garden Fireplace brochure

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Garden Fireplace list prices

Garden Fireplace list prices

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