Flue solution for University of Northumbria Students’ Union

Yet another successful commercial project, saw Schiedel installing a Chimney System, as well as extensive upgrades internally for the University of Northumbria’s Students’ Union building.

The plan was to run a flue externally up the side of the building, using an existing grill as the exit point. The colour was also matched to make the flue as aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The recommended route was straightforward and was designed to reduce the risk of leaks as the flue would be a straight riser with a drain point at the base.

Schiedel also provided a Mobile Elevation Work Platform to make it much easier for the client; not having to contact several different contractors for equipment.

Within the plant room, Schiedel used Prima Plus 0.6mm, which is a single wall flue manufactured from high corrosion resistant 0.6mm thick stainless steel grade 316. Adding a silicone gasket fitted to the bead of the male spigot, it is then designed for use with a new generation of condensing gas and oil appliance. These appliances can typically have a continuous operation temperatures of up to 200°C, and positive pressure up to 100 Pa at the outlet. With condensing flues, the systems are prone to significant corrosion by condensation and flue gases, but Prima Plus 0.6mm is specifically designed to resist corrosion for the longest possible flue life. It has passed the internationally recognised GASTEC corrosion test.

For the remaining run, Schiedel used ICS Plus, which is a twin wall flue manufactured with a 316-grade stainless steel liner and 304-grade stainless steel case. It is insulated with a 25mm thick high-density (128kg/m³) superwool blanket.  Designed for pressure capability of 200 Pascal’s for use with semi and fully condensing appliances.

The connecting boilers were 4 x Broag Quinta 115 Kw condensing boilers and 2 x Andrews’s 54-418pp water heaters (atmospheric boilers).

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