The return of the open fire

Sales of Schiedel Chimney System’s efficient and easy to install Magnum Firechest have increased by around 17% in the last few years, statistics echoed by the National Association of Chimney Sweeps which has seen a 20% rise in people opening up their fireplaces. Often chosen for very large properties and as part of the sympathetic restoration of historic ones, firechests are key to making the modern fireplace as efficient as possible.

By creating a better insulated and strategically shaped box, easier fire lighting and improved efficiencies are achieved. Schiedel’s Magnum Firechests are supplied as a flat pack; jigsaw type pieces are quickly fitted together and simply sealed using a glue jointing compound. Made from pumice, a natural material that provides exceptional insulation, the Magnum Firechest has been designed to maximise burning efficiency – from 41% to 45% depending on the model – and comes with a built-in damper.

We use pumice for firechests and also chimney liners. Apart from being highly insulating, from the installer’s perspective, pumice is lightweight yet strong, allowing one person to build and lift the chimney units. The heat retaining qualities of the flue can be amplified in a double wall format, with no need for additional insulation. There are also pumice liners available to reline existing chimneys, bringing old fireplaces up to modern levels of efficiency.

Firechest options are available for all types of application – from the modest Victorian terrace, to the grand stately home – with a range of finishes in fireback or firebrick slips complimented by surrounds to suit contemporary and traditional settings.

Find out more about our range of pumice firechests and liners, here.