Visit from UTC South Durham Students

We had a number of students pay a visit today from UTC South Durham.

University Technology Colleges are new, state-funded, technical schools. UTC South Durham is for 14-19 year olds which opened on Aycliffe Business Park in September 2016. Their focus is to help young people get ready for the world of work and find meaningful careers. The school has fantastic facilities and state-of-the-art kit and students have contact with top professionals and teachers with strong industry experience

Scott Roberts, Production Manager and Adrian Wood, Training and Technical Support Manager, took the students on a tour around the factory and learned more about the business and manufacturing processes.

We were delighted to host them and they were all prepared with suitable safety work boots. The students are all provided by UTC South Durham with basic PPE in preparation for any industrial role.

There’s also a possibility that Schiedel will select a few students for a project later this year, so keep a look out!