Work Experience Week!

We had a couple of important guests for the week…

Kieown Gee & Kieran Flaherty spent the week in various departments including the Sales Office, the Planning Department, as well as the Drawing Office going through how we process special orders. They were also let loose on the CAD software and the intricacies of its function.

They also spent time on the factory floor, taking a look at the laser process, as well as what is involved in R & D work and innovation, as well as understanding about time studies

Both lads actually helped to put through a special design through the drawing office and saw how it get made from a drawing into a physical part, including time spent in Production watching it transform from a drawing to an actual product.

Schiedel enjoyed their company and hopefully, they found the whole week interesting.

We recently had a number of students pay us a visit from UTC South Durham and it’s great to see the enthusiasm and interaction they have with a large company, from front end to factory production.