Chimney System …. for an Elephant?

A most unusual venue for a Schiedel Chimney System was at Skanda Vale, which is a multi-faith ashram and prides itself on caring for animals.

Valli, is the temple elephant and has been there since 1981 and needed a purpose built home, so Schiedel was delighted to supply the chimney for this biomass installation. The new building is truly jumbo sized, measuring 500 square metres.  The ICS Chimney System was used in combination with a HDG Navora Wood Log Boiler supplied by Euroheat. The system was installed by Ben Graham from 4 Wood LLP.

ICS is Schiedel’s twin wall insulated chimney system which is used on open and closed stoves, open fires, residential, plus small commercial multi-fuel appliances, with operating temperatures up to 450°C and short firing up to 550°C.

Schiedel Chimney Systems are very adaptable and work with almost any boiler or power source, with minimum modification.