Energy Efficient New-build Homes Using Schiedel Swift Air

A range of energy efficient homes were built in Cork using the efficient Schiedel Swift system

The project by Hallmark Developments was particularly energy efficient above and beyond the basic scope: High insulation levels; Heat Recovery System; Gas Central Heating; Wood Burning Stove with a Schiedel Swift Air system and Solar Panels;

Cygnum Timber Frames, which have a number of energy efficiency advantages, provided the frame for the homes. An airtight building such as a the range of Hallmark homes results in lower heating bills, as well as having an efficient ventilation system and fewer draughts. The carbon footprint of a building is the total amount of CO2 (carbon dioxide) produced and emitted, directly and indirectly when manufacturing a product or component for that building.

Cygnum pride themselves on producing a building with a very low carbon footprint

Schiedel Swift Air neatly and simply delivers combustion air to the heating appliance.

Ideally suited to energy efficient buildings, such as the Hallmark Development, combined with a Cygnum Timber Frame

  • The combination of advanced chimney technology and modern efficient wood burning appliances can give you the best of both worlds – an energy efficient home and the enjoyment of a real fire.
  • The Swift Air System delivers combustion air directly to the appliance from outside the house, eliminating drafts in the living room thus further improving energy efficiency.
  • No warm air is taken from the room where the appliance is positioned.
  • Suitable for stoves, stove inserts, cookers and boilers.
  • Suitable for all fuels – gas, oil, solid fuels and biomass fuels.
  • Suitable for Timber Frame, Steel Frame and Masonry construction.
  • Air-independent chimneys reduce the wind effect on the air intake.
  • Provisions for additional air intake channels / ducting are no longer necessary.

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