Glasgow Dental Hospital

We have recently completed work at the Glasgow Dental Hospital on behalf of NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde. This work included the supply and installation of 4 ICS Plus condensing flue systems to service Hamworthy Modumax WM250c/750 boilers.

There were various factors which had to be considered during the installation process. Due to the main contractors’ requirements on-site, the external ICS Plus System Chimneys had to be installed prior to the positioning of the boilers to allow the contractor to weather seal the building.

Above roof level special bracing was required to support the chimneys due to the highly exposed location. Schiedel’s adjustable wall brackets were fixed to the steel bracing to support the flues at 2.5m centers.

A further site visit and survey following the installation of all boilers was undertaken to determine the final internal flue route.

As the appliances were condensing appliances, a 3° slope needed to be built in to the connecting flue pipes to allow for the high volume of condensation to be drained off effectively. This was achieved using special 93° reducing tee component to connect to the vertical chimney. This required millimetre precision in both measurement and subsequent design, as the installation of the flues in the constricted Plant Room had to be completed with the avoidance of the previously installed services.

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