NEW ICS Double Wall Adjustable Starter Section

Hot on the heels of the great success of our Award-Winning ICID Plus Double Wall Adjustable Starter Section, we’ve introduced the ICS version of the product, which is an easy and quick way of disconnecting a stove for inspection.

The Starter Section is available in two effective lengths: 1025mm and 600mm and is exceptionally easy to install and remove for servicing. The process for the ICS version matches the ICID version. Simply inserting a male spigot of the liner into the appliance spigot, sealing it, insulating it and then sliding down the case to cover the stove spigot. Removal for servicing and re-installation is just the reverse.

  • To download the ICS Technical Data Sheet, please click here.
  • To view our ICS page, please click here.

This is yet another product designed by Schiedel to make it much more easier for chimney and stove installers to install products.

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