The Kingham Outdoor Kitchen – Your Summers Just Got Better!

Summertime means spending time with friends and family, enjoying the sun, sitting outside, and eating delicious food. Is there any better combo for the people of the UK? The summer holidays are around the corner. And what better activity to pass the time than to have all of one’s family and friends gathered in one’s backyard for some delicious barbeque on a warm, sunny day? Every year, during summer holidays, people struggle to have a proper cooking setup on their lawns and mostly rely on makeshift kitchens, which not only have limited uses but do not offer any safety features either. They also make an enormous mess that is difficult to clean up afterwards.

For years, people have been looking for reliable products that can serve as an outdoor kitchen so as to avoid the hassle of cooking inside the house and then serving the food outside. Moreover, for some people, their social gatherings do not comprise just a handful of friends and family but rather dozens of people. In such situations, the usual small cooking grills do not cut because they take too much time to prepare food for the whole gathering, are unsafe, and pose serious safety hazards.

Schiedel has come up with an innovative solution to all your outdoor cooking problems. So, look out, people of the UK! Summers are not here yet, but the hottest trend of summer 2024 is definitely here!

The Kingham Outdoor Kitchen! A kitchen that is purposeful, safe, and aesthetically stylish! But the best part? It is designed to be set up in outdoor spaces, and that too with the easiest of installation steps because it comes as a kit.

Sleek and Contemporary design

Kitchen setups have always been thought of as something that is neither too aesthetically pleasing nor takes up a lot of space as well. The issue of space is especially pertinent because we know that every single inch matters in a country like the United Kingdom, where real estate prices have never been higher than they are today. Kingham Outdoor Kitchen is designed in such a way that it looks modern and minimal and does not take up much space either. The design of this product was inspired by Kirsty’s creative designs for KJG Interiors. Kirsty’s ability to create products that are both stylish and useful is what inspired the design of the hottest trend of summer 2024 – Kingham Outdoor Kitchen.

A product you can trust for safety and peace of mind

The safety of any product matters, be it a household item or anything else. In recent years, there has been a greater emphasis on the safety features of all new products entering the market. Safety is especially important when it comes to products that involve fire, such as the kitchen.  

Kingham Outdoor Kitchen is not only useful, but it also comes with great safety features. The product is made with volcanic pumice, which is one of the best insulating materials out there. Pumice is a great insulator and makes it extremely safe to heat or cook any food you want in the Kingham Outdoor Kitchen because it exhibits extremely high resistance to heat. 

Experience the ultimate ease and simplicity in outdoor kitchen installation like never before

Ever imagined you would have an outdoor kitchen so easy to install that you would not even need any outside help to erect it from scratch? No, right? Well, time to not only start imagining it but also start getting ready to install it. Schiedel delivers the Kingham Outdoor Kitchen as a kit, making it super simple to install even if you do not have any outside help. It includes a comprehensive instruction manual that explains each installation step in detail and in simple language. The installation manual also includes helpful drawings to assist you in setting up your outdoor kitchen.

Kingham Outdoor Kitchen by Schiedel has the following main components:

  • Log store
  • Firechest
  • Gather unit
  • Chimney
  • Raincap
  • Side log stores
  • Wood doors
  • Granite top and panels

All of these components demonstrate that a great deal of thought has gone into designing the Kingham Outdoor Kitchen so that it not only serves a practical purpose but also looks stylish, adding beauty to your garden. Each of these components is super easy to build and put together. The instruction manual will guide you through each and every step of the whole installation process, including the placement of every single brick in the package.

There is ample space to store logs, so you do not have to look for additional storage for the logs. The chimney makes sure that the smoke produced during the exhibition of your amazing cooking skills does not bother the people sitting in your garden. The granite top is going to give it a modern and stylish look. And the rain cap is going to make sure no amount of rain disturbs your business.