Schiedel BIM Catalogue

3D component models and more...

Schiedel BIM Catalogue A range of Schiedel Products for Commercial and Residential are now available within our new 3D BIM (Building Information Modelling) Catalogue. Engineers, planners and [...]

Replacement Flue Header Installed

Arthur Dann Court, Portsmouth

Replacement Flue Header Installed …and additional Remeha Boiler installed. Arthur Dann Court, in Portsmouth, built in 1988, provides accommodation with support when needed. The residents [...]

Isokern Magnum Firechest build in the Australian bush.

"Schiedel Isokern pumice is the ideal material for this because of it’s incredible insulation"

Isokern Magnum Firechest build in the Australian bush. A remarkable installation of a Magnum Firechest with a Pumice Chimney System took place Down Under in the Australian Bush. Keith Mitchell, [...]

Flexible Chimney Liner Production

First with a Lifetime Guarantee of Flex Liners.

Flexible Chimney Liner Production Our Flexible liners are produced to the highest safety and efficiency standard in our Washington plant, which is why we are always proud to boast that we were [...]