Award Winning Products at Hearth and Home

Since 2010, Schiedel have exhibited consecutively at Hearth and Home in Harrogate, which brings together all sectors of the industry, providing a fantastic opportunity for Schiedel to meet with installers and end users. We’re delighted to have won a number of awards for the Best Flueing and Ventilation Product of the Year category

These are just a sample range of the innovative products that Schiedel have produced throughout the years, proving that innovation is one of our priorities.

2018 – Winner of the Flueing & Ventilation Product of the Year for the Opus ScandFire

Opus ScandFire, a one stop solution for a real fireplace in your home. Adaptable to a wide variety of installations in new builds or existing properties. The Opus ScanFire is a new minimalist inset system featuring the Opus Tempo 70i stove within a highly insulating pumice-based frame and chimney. This one-stop solution for architects and designers allows a real fire to be specified for any new build, with the chimney and installation design work already done.

2017 – Winner of the Flueing & Ventilation Product of the Year for the Double Wall Adjustable Starter Section Pipe.

An easy way of installing a stove, as well as easy removal for inspection and maintenance. It’s exceptionally straightforward to install. The process involves inserting a male spigot of the liner into the appliance spigot, sealing it, insulating it and then simply sliding down the case to cover the stove spigot. Removal for servicing and re-installation is just as simple and is the reverse.

2015 – Winner of the Flueing & Ventilation Product of the Year for Ignis Protect.

To meet stringent safety laws, Ignis Protect was introduced and is the award winning product from 2015. The strict criteria is in relation to chimney products passing through combustible walls. Ignis Protect allows single or double wall flue pipes to pass through interior or exterior walls made of combustible materials with the heat not being transferred.

2014 – Winner of the Flueing & Ventilation Product of the Year for Absolut Xpert.

Absolut Xpert delivers absolute air tightness with a leakage rate of V50 ≤ I m³/m(h). Moreover Absolut guarantees the air tightness requirements of the system without any additional insulation and without rendering of the outside surface of the chimney block. it also guarantees a secure, room sealed operation, and is suitable for all types of fuel, particularly renewable fuels.

2012 – Winner of the Flueing & Ventilation Product of the Year for the Screw Fit Adaptors for TecnoFlex.

Schiedel were the first to introduce a  lifetime guarantee, which applies to the Tecnoflex Plus flexible liner system which has been fully tested and approved to EN1856-2 and includes the award winning screw fit range of accessories. The beauty of the screwfit range of accessories is that they avoid the need to drill and rivet on site, saving time for the installer and crucially preventing damage to the flex liner.